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will.i.am Trinity: Which is your favorite Britney x will.i.am collab?

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I've loved Big fat bass when it came out, was so mad it wasn't a single at the time ! 

I would say that my favorite song from them is "Scream & Shout" because Britney's accent is so different from usual, funny and also classy. It also gave us two videos where Britney looks awesome, especially the second one ! I just wished Britney had a longer part in the song. 

My least fav is "should be easy" but I still like it. 

I agree too about their friendship, they both sound so genuine when they talk about each other. I wished we could have seen more interractions between them ! Too bad Will.I.Am is kind of forgotten by the GP since then. I would have LOVED a hip-hop collab instead of EDM ! :sendinglove:

EDIT: whishing their other tracks would leak some day !!

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let me show u my favorite versions of these songs 

cuz those are the williamxbritney songs i like

 i like this version more than the official one

same here

and i don't mind it should be easy it's a bop vocoderney is amazing

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4 minutes ago, Cheshire-B said:

I would have LOVED a hip-hop collab instead of EDM !

Yes! I've always seen Britney as more suited for hip-hop since In The Zone so I really believe she could pull it off. I mean, she slayed in the remix didn't she. :ari:

6 minutes ago, Cheshire-B said:

whishing their other tracks would leak some day !!

I hope Be Up in My Business leaks. :letitburn: but were not sure if she even recorded a demo for it. :idkney:

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🦄 💛🧡💜

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6 minutes ago, QZeusLiquorQ said:

I like Scream & Shout, it used to be my absolute favorite for maybe even 2-3 years in the past and I also love the fact that my best friend likes it and even recently sent a Youtube link of it to me via Messenger ♥

I don't mean to pry but why does it sound like you two aren't just bestfriends. :demi:

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🦄 💛🧡💜

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1 minute ago, blackoutbixxh said:

I could see why they chose him for BJ after this, but he clearly didn’t bring this kind of energy.

I was gonna say! Like why did they pick will.i.am and then make it "personal" (which they didn't, but still) they should've went with something more urban. :tiffdrink:

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🦄 💛🧡💜

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17 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

Hi Exhale! 💛🧡💜

You are now, now, rockin' with will.i.am and Roxxy, bich! :barbie:

I know will.i.am is very triggering to the Britney Army. But I don't hate the guy despite messing up on Alien and Britney Jean in general.

I genuinely believe Britney loves him and they really had a genuine friendship. I think she's comfortable with him as seen in the I Am the Femme Fatale documentary and the iHeartRadio album preview. He always has nice things to say about Britney in interviews and he doesn't seem like a shady guy to me. :imcute:

That friendship is not only documented on video but also in her discography. Will produced one song from Femme Fatale, one stand alone single with a remix, and was the Executive Producer and a featured artist on her 8th studio album Britney Jean.


As you all know, I am an advocate for It Should Be Easy, and I remember getting a platinum single for calling out the ISBE stans so I know not everyone hates that song.

Now I want to hear from you. :ari:


Which is your favorite out of the will.i.am trinity?

Is it the first collab Big Fat Bass. Full of smexual innuendos and the only one to be performed live not only once, not twice, but three times + included in the setlist of The Femme Fatale Tour.

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Is it the second collab Scream & Shout. The most successful of the three. Britney's biggest hit of the 2010s decade. Peaked at #3 on the Hot 100 and sold over 4 million copies in the US alone, and 8.6 million worldwide. The third best performing single on the Hot 100 of her entire career. Her 6th UK #1 and 10th global #1 (3 weeks).

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***it was so successful that they made a Part 2.

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or is it my favorite It Should Be Easy, from her "most personal" album Britney Jean and the only one of the three to have Britney as a co-writer.

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Also, do you see them collaborating again in the future? Do you think we'll get a fourth one? or "will" it remain a trinity? 

Lemme know! ezgif-2-b9502a805e77.jpg


Roxxy 💋



After the Beyoncé Jay-N album backlash I don't think they'll work together again. 

But I really like Bfb! It's a bop! I'm still pressed at how autotuned her vocals sound, but it sounds really cool and fun. Let's just pretend she never performed it :pieceofwhat:

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