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Which Britney Album Cut Deserved A Video?

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Which one of Brit’s album cuts do you think deserved a video but never got the chance to shine? I have so many but the one that drives me insane is “Inside Out”. I can see Brit  looking super hot in some fancy bedroom, waiting for her hot, soon to be ex to come “give her something to remember”. So, what do y’all think? What other potential Brit vids were we robbed of? What do you envision them to look like?giphy.gif?cid=4d1e4f295828c58015dc4599e6

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16 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

The only correct answer is also the album cut that should've been a single, and that is Breathe On Meezgif-2-b9502a805e77.jpg


but other faves on mine that deserved single/video treatment are Alien, Unusual You, What U See Is What You Get, Where are you now, lonely, Cinderella, touch of my hand, Get Naked, inside out, seal it with a kiss, better, man on the moon, just Luv me, change your mind.... there’s so many! 

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I'll pick one from each album

...Baby One More Time: Thinkin' About You

Oops!... I Did It Again: Don't Go Knockin' On My Door

Britney: What It's Like To Be Me

In The Zone: The Hook Up

Blackout: Perfect Lover

Circus: Kill The Lights

Femme Fatale: Inside Out

Britney Jean: Tik Tik Boom

Glory: Love Me Down

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Baby one more time: I will be there

Oops I did it again: Don’t go knocking on my door

Britney: Lonely and that’s where you take me

In the zone: Breathe on me and touch of my hand and shadow

Blackout: Get back and heaven on earth

Circus: This era deserves so many singles:tiffsniffle:I cannot just choose one or two and live properly:hillary:. Shattered glass, my baby, Lace & leather, unusual you and blur deserved to be singles:clicktina:

Femme fatale: Trouble, he about to lose me

Glory: Love me down and change my mind and do you wanna come over

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Don't Go Knocking On My Door, What U See (Is What U Get), When Your Eyes Say It, My Only Wish (This Year), Lonely, Bombastic Love, Intimidated, I Got That (Boom Boom), Showdown, Breathe On Me, Shadow, Chaotic, Mona Lisa, And Then We Kiss, Heaven On Earth, Get Naked (I Got a Plan), Hot as Ice, Get Back, Inside Out, Unusual You, (Drop Dead) Beautiful, He About to Lose Me, Alien,Tik Tik Boom, Do You Wanna Come Over?,  Love Me Down, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés), Liar... 

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NO NO NO NO NO :nonono::gunriah:

I agree with Breathe on Me, Love Me Down, Tik Tik Boom, Mona Lisa and Inside Out :yaknow:


Can't Make You Love Me (sad video kind of like lucky pt2) :fakecry:

Shattered Glass (her ex being obsessed with her) :badgirl:

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i will be there - this one SCREAMS single, i'm so shocked it never became one...i always imagined a cute video with cuts of her singing around a campfire for some reason. and playing a guitar..lmfao we can play pretend

soda pop - they should've tied a video for this into the pokemon movie bc it was on the soundtrack...i'm telling y'all, it would've SMASHED in Japan

when your eyes say it - still mad, still bitter this never happened

walk on by - it feels SO much like a single to me...

anticipating - if boys can get a single release with a hot video why can't this!!!! i will not stand for that live sesame street looking live performance and a limited release in france....

intimidated - feels like a single, feels VERY 2001..like it feels like it would've had such a good video that fit it's era so well. could've doubled as a soundtrack single for a movie or something, idk.

breathe on me - not in my top 3 itz tracks tbh but people clearly would've eaten it up...it's become just about her most beloved deep cut

touch of my hand - imagine a breathe on me/touch of my hand two video feature release....chil' the sexuality would be through the roof. but also they could've done a very pretty, sensual video for touch of my hand to go alongside the **** one of breathe on me

i've just begun - this would've been a better single choice with a fantastic video easy to create than do somethin' imo.

mona lisa - would never have happened but i like to imagine a fairly artsy video for this...i always liked the idea of an OD era where the theme is like, black swan type stuff...sinister ballet motif stuff 

heaven on earth - it would just be SO pretty...i just know it would be so glittery and pink and gorgeous

outta this world - same as ***

hot as ice, get back, freakshow - all would be fantastic dance videos

kill the lights, unusual you, blur - all would've been very good tracks to make videos for, i can envision videos easily

mmm papi - idgaf what anyone says, this would've easily been the type of song that could've been all up in some commercials all over summer. i imagine a very colorful go-go style video.

rock me in - always imagined a sequel to toxic set in tokyo to this song, ever since it first fkn came out and i got the CD for christmas lmfao

how i roll, up n down - how i roll could have a super colorful beach-y video, up n down would be a great dance video

alien, passenger, hold on tight - in a universe where this album was sung entirely by someone from McComb, Mississippi, these would be easy songs to have beautiful, meaningful videos to

invitation, coupure electrique - companion videos as intro/outro to the era, very artsy

man on the moon - it's so easy to imagine her doing some kind of adorable twirling dances in some moonlit room to these while waiting for her prince charming :kyliecry:

just love me - a slower song would be a good change of pace, a video with more focus on britney's beauty and the storyline

if i'm dancing - i can't help but imagine a wild 360 angle shot video of this song. like wild, over the top, colorful, psychedelic

no seas cortes - okay this one...i yammer a lot but this track. this song, i've already envisioned the video for. it's in spain, alternating cuts between britney looking at her mans while they're out at dinner or w/e, clearly not listening to him and instead thinking about getting frisky, and the choruses are cut with clips of dancing, like her on the shore in a spanish dress with maybe like two back up dancers, calf deep or so, then a second full of flowers, in a like isla la bonita type look...i have thought about this one for like two years now ya'll lmfao

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For me it's:

- Mona Lisa

- Get Back: Britney with black hair music video, a music video dark but fun, with a story (maybe taking again the funeral idea of Gimme More which was scrapped)

- Why Should I be Sad: a music video like Piece Of Me, Lucky and Overprotected, featuring Britney with black hair on some scenes, and blonde Britney on other.

- Alien: I really see it as a potential hit, the music is catchy, so why not a music video like OIDIA theme in the space? It would be fun!

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I had an idea for Coupure Électrique, Just Like Me and Liar for a mini movie saga. The boyfriend in the video would be Justin Hartley from This Is Us. A trailer like for a movie would release with the instrumental of CE & JLM and Liar no music, just shots of her dancing in water, swinging a baseball bat and her in an outfit like the milk licking scene from Slumber Party video, slapping Justin H.

Each video would be like the stages of a relationship sort of ...

Coupure Électrique would be The Beginning and they’re in love, Just Like Me, The Nail In The Coffin, would be the guy cheating and her catching him and Liar, Fín, would be her getting revenge.

”Bridges you burned” line she lights a match and tosses it behind her light his stuff on fire in a metal trash can.

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