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6ix9ine could block Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's new song "Rain On Me" from #1

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Rapper 6ix9ine, whom I did not think would get so many posts on Exhale EVER, claims Billboard fudged the numbers and gave Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's new song, "Stuck With U," the #1, because according to him... they bought it. He says they used six credit cards to purchase 30k copies and wants to do the same this Friday with his new song "GOOBA."

It's a personal vendetta against Ariana now. Gaga's releasing a new song on Friday with Ariana titled Rain on Me," the next single off Chromatica. 6ix could derail that from hitting #1.

Obviously his purchasing methods won't work, but he IS creating a lot of chatter around his song which could = more streams. 

"GOOBA" is #3 this week. 

We have to start our #JusticeForRainOnMe campaign now sisters :gagaf:






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I'm very conflicted when it comes to gaga. On one hand, she's so talented, has released great music and is a good performer. However, there's something about her that seems off. She seems.. a bit fake.. like she's always acting. Actions speak louder than words. She claims to be this pro-gay feminist with a traumatic past and hardships growing up(even though we later found out her rich father paid her way through life). She claims to be so different and all that she cares about is music, not the money. Then you see her hop on trends like selling make up and having a feature of whoever's hot right now. Also, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I wish gaga had never touched her face with so much plastic surgery. Her weird alien features went great with her aesthetic. Now she looks like a typical Hollywood no soul person.

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28 minutes ago, MonAmour said:

like she's always acting.

that's how I've always felt with Gaga, with Katy too. It's like they tried sooooooooo hard to get what they got, and I know that sounds like what everyone else should do, really try hard for something you want, but they're like everything they do seems so premeditated to me, that I just don't like them. 

With Britney, even if there was this big machinery behind her, Britney herself made it seem like all the success she got, she did it effortlessly. The very first interview of Lady Gaga I ever watched was about her talking about her poor, troubled past or something like that. And even the theme of her first album, it's like she's always been obsessed with this image of fame, and tragedy, and icons, and celebrities, and fashion, and darkness, and idk, maybe people likes that but to me it's just too much.

They're always talking about their diseases, and "I'm clinically depressed but haven't shaved my head yet" and it's like they always wanna send a message supporting some cause, and they wanna be serious, and political, but also funny, and ****, and artistic, and cute, and original, and this and that and everything at the same time, instead of just releasing the damn music and let it speak for itself. It's like they always have to prove why they're successful, they have to prove they're talented, they have to prove they're visionary, they always have to prove something, instead of just letting things happen more naturally.



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I love Ariana and Gaga so I will buy this song over the forced Stuck With U song. Even if the song doesn't go number 1 I dont care. I just want good pop music to get me through this pandemic and racist gang member goes number one, well...I expect it. America is going to sh.it. :staysalty:

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@JordanMiller I am mad at you for giving this horrible human with rainbow hair so much attention and space here. Others deserve it way more. He should be treated as air. 

@OnlyFacts you obviously have a lot of hate towards Gaga for some reasons that I don't get but instead of spreading hate towards her maybe you should acknowledge the fact that we are dealing here with a disgusting human who uses n-word despite of not being African-American and getting away with it. Showing off his money on instagram and spreading bad influence on his probably young followers and getting involved in some conspiracy theories due to his own insecurities, bitterness and unhappiness. #choices

African American Facts GIF

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4 hours ago, OnlyFacts said:

Honey, lady Gaga isn’t getting another #1 on the hot 100. Mark my words. She’ll be lucky to get top 5 with the Ariana collab. Sorry. Everyone who thinks GaGa is still relevant needs to snap out of it. She’s grasping at straws

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Do not agree with you at all. The truth is, the power of sales is way more dominant as what streams are. The thing about Ari and Gaga is their fans buy singles and albums. With those two combined I expect this to blow up in the first week. It will gain lots of radio airplay, debut (most prob) at nr 1 on digital sales chart, which could boost the song into the top 3 on hot 100. I highly doubt the whatever he is called, 69'er guy can continue massive first week sales 3 weeks in with a horrible ****ty song. But the question is, will Gaga and Ari do enough to secure the nr 1 seat? I believe they will push it everywhere, so there is a very good chance for the hot spot debut. Let's wait and see. 

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8 hours ago, OnlyFacts said:

I wish Ari’s fans would do a #JusticeForIntoYou that song is the one song of hers that I absolutely think was robbed of being a #1. Her best song IMO

 ariana grande bunny GIF

Chile ... :embarrassney: you know damn well "Touch It" is her best song :chrissy:

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I can’t even say I care anymore about the charts... honestly I feel like charts should be based on the performance of a record within a year as a whole rather than within a week or two radius and then maybe then we will get music again with purpose and talent 😜 love GAGA tho .. sad she’s working with grande not because I don’t like her but because it’s so obvious ... what happened to the metal progression from BTW ?? Where is the Metallica feature? Wanna change pop(ular) music and own the scene... sound different and everything except for rock is being full out made and Gaga is the only pop lady (gaga.. hehe) that CAN pull that stuff off... I always imagined after BTW she would have a rock moment (ugh don’t even at me with SIB blah) after heavy metal lover, electric chapel and her cover on Howard Stern of zeppelin .... but sure stupid love is cool... 🤷‍♂️ never manicure shares the symbolic  message that rock Gaga (in which she is created) comes out to play? 

Think Crazy on You or Magic Man 70’s rock glam diva GAGA... that is what I thought and hope CHROMATICA is and not stupidlove/badromance and thecure x 16 tracks ... rant over 

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