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What do you love most about Britney


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For me it’s how fearless she’s always been. Even in 2016 she got on stage and sang touch of my hand. She’s a mommy now lol whatever. Even Britney knows that was silly and she’s allowed to make mistakes. I don’t think that comment was a mistake but I do believe she’s wise enough to now know that she can be a Mommy and be Britney which is wonderful. Btw guys I know it’s been dead for a while regarding Britney’s music but I know she has a lot more to say. She put Coupure Electrique in Domination...y’all know her team would NEVER put that in a set list. Take the little clues that shows she’s still a human with some sort of control and listen to what she has to say. She’s not a girl anymore. Bringing together my earlier point about touch of my hand, even 2003ney didn’t go on live TV and push the boundaries with a song like that. She’s still pushing the envelope people. Britney is still there with plenty to say. What keeps you a fan the most? Music? Her silly moments? Videos? You tell me lol. 

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Her Shows

Her Music

Her Attitude

Her History and How Strong she is


My dislikes is like since 2001 she was starting to be annoyed about the press and fans harassment, and if she would looked into a professional advice she would got another story, but she came out to teach us and pave the way for many others that don't have any type of consideration with her, starting from kfed. her family, some artist that doesn't pay the tribute she deserves. 

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5 minutes ago, TakeYourHand said:

Interesting. How do you feel about the Femme Fatale tour?

i stan

i know a bunch of ppl hate it but i stan it's what made me fall in love w her i would watch that dvd 24/7 when i was young 

up n down and bomt/sm are my favorite numbers

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I love how natural, spontaneous an relatable she has always been. ALWAYS. Even though we slag her insta off and don't believe it's her most of the time, I secretly love her silly videos and random captions. She'll show what she is, like it or not. That's the fierce attitude that made me stan in the first place :gobaby:

I also love all her music and how hard working and humble she is but I think that goes without saying :comingthru:

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Besides her iconic status, fantastic choreography and amazing discography...Honestly, her humble yet, fierce personality which we lost after 2007 or 09 :crying4: despite being the hugest artist at that time, the hugest since Mariah, having 4 massive eras, being an international sensation, being the princess of pop...Britney still remains humble and doesn’t it take it over the head and does not act like a huge goddess unlike....

some other people.......


Oh...hi Beyoncé :sneer:

and has always kept her southern roots with herself and I really respect that. Despite being a millionaire, she doesn’t like spending so much money and is relatable in a way with her funny and dorky self which we don’t unfortunately...see as much these...days :kyliecry: She is not into fashion that much (and we can clearly see that:fran:) and even after fame, she still remains the same.After a horrible point of her life when everyone was fearing for her, the media was poking at her mistakes and what people thought would have been so deadly and killing to other celebrity’s careers...she came back stronger than ever:crying1: so I really...respect that:meryl:

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What I love the most about her is that she bounced back after surviving a dark time in her life. After people dismissed her as a joke, she persevered and broke more records, set new trends, and paved the way for celebrities to talk about their mental health (even if she herself doesn't) and for law enforcement to put boundaries on how the paparazzi work to protect celebrities. Whether or not she was comfortable coming back so soon is up for debate, but I admire her strength as a person so much. I genuinely have so much respect for her :crying1:

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she's a walking contradiction. she can dress so idgaf and trashy one minute without looking like she cares one bit, then look effortlessly hot the next minute. she can have crippling social anxiety n stuff, then turn into this beast on a stage or in a studio and come alive like the biggest extravert on earth. she can be incoherent yet perfectly understandable two seconds later. society's love AND society's hate for her both say a lot (i've written like 4 papers on her in college so far y'all...they always get fantastic grades too, she's a goldmine). her music can be so innovative, interesting, and authentic even if it's hyper produced, detached from reality, and coated in gloss and autotune. she's literally so hilarious yet so inspiring to me, so lovably yet so messy. she's such a real person despite seeming untouchable. it's been her biggest asset. britney is literally...an ordinary, everyday superstar. i love her for it.

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