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Britney Spears Choreographer Brian Friedman's Exhale AMA

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6 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

Another question :idkney:

  • Is it ever too late to start dancing? Like, if I'm in my late 20's and have never, ever danced in my life, like, as a discipline you know, and have never done any kind of physical activity, like gymnastics or something, do you think there's still hope for someone like me? :awkblink:

great question, I always wanted to do dace class, but I have never had the opportunity aka $$ and in my small town I did not even know if there was any free program (i dont believe so).
Anyway, I always think about taking dance class now, but i also feel it is too late. 

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Hi Brian, thank you for recently posting Hold It Against Me rehearsals. Britney's promo performances at that time [2011] were slated for her lacklustre dancing. Were you only given a short amount of time with Britney to rehearse during that time? Nobody in 2011 expected Britney to dance like it was 2001, but fans were really disappointed and it wasn't just the Hold It Against Me video edit - it was the dancing itself and the choreography from the live performances. 


When you left the Femme Fatale tour - what was the real reason? Nobody buys the original reason. Was it because the promo performances were so stressful/rushed/disappointing?


Which is your least favourite choreography Britney performed? [Where you had choreographed the performance.] 

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you're an AMAZING dancer/choreographer, i'd love you to work with Britney again one day :) 

when was the last time you spoke to Britney?

did britney ever give you any good advice?

if you could talk to her right now what would you say?

is it harder to speak to Britney compared to during her hey day (as in do you have to go through a lot of people before you can even get a chance to talk to her) ?

what is your favourite most recent memory of working with her?

what is your favourite memory of working with her during the early days?

what is your least favourite choreography that you were involved in for Britney?

is Britney still the same as she used to be from when you were first working with her?

do you think Britney will ever perform again and would you reach out to her to help choreograph?

what were your thoughts on Justin/Britney breaking up and the whole situation with Wade?

What were your thoughts on Cry Me A River?


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what are your thoughts on her lip syncing?

what was your favourite Britney tour?

did you and Britney become very close?

what is your favourite Britney album / what is your least favourite Britney album?

who are your favourite people that you've worked with?

would you start an instagram dance challenge and tag Britney in it to make her dance too? :tifflmao:

are there any things that were supposed to happen in the Britney world that you knew about but didn't end up happening?

what is your favourite Britney song to dance to?

are you fed up of always getting questions about Britney?

do you think Britney is shielded from the real world and is very closed off from interacting with other celebrities at other events, what are your thoughts?

thanks again Brian, loved your work and I really hope you work with her again one day :) 

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do you think Britney is really really cool and interesting?

what were your thoughts on Larry?

what is the best thing about being you? 

are you happy?

do you still dance for other artists and tour? if not, do you miss touring with other big artists?

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In Britney's song Overprotected, she sings...

"I need time (time), love, joy (joy). I need space (love). I need... me. Action!"

Rank these five. 1 being the most important and 5 being the least important.

  • Time
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Space
  • Me
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🦄 💛🧡💜

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  • What's a move or step that Britney struggled to learn from any of the choreographies, especially from back in 2001?
  • Did you ever have to scrap something because Britney simply couldn't do it right, or didn't like it?
  • After her multiple live performances, did you ever tell Britney any notes like "hey, you did this wrong, you should do it like this next time" or any other advice to  make her performances better, or once rehearsals were over you never had any input again in the way she should perform? 

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