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2011 Awkward Interview


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What do You guys think about that guy doing an interview with Brit? Was He a jerk or was He doing his job? 
OMG the last question... I feel sooooo different watching this interview  now than I did before back in 2011... You can tell she feels uncomfortable, stressed and constantly starring at the people around her but I guess she handle the situation pretty well 🤔

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13 minutes ago, Britneyarmy8 said:

He had one chance to interview her and he asked the most random stupid questions 

3/4 of his questions were basically “do u hate ur past songs and videos and looks” like huh

Maybe... But I kinda feel like he threw some hints about what was going on around her being overprotected. It’s nothing new but he is the only one in a long time to be brave enough to ask that kind of questions. 

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That last question was savage (and props to him for asking it - YOU KNOW THAT FOR SURE WASNT APPROVED). He was probably irked about all the limitation he got && honestly pretty uncomfortable himself 

I think she’s just trying to focus on what he is saying . I don’t think he’s intentionally being rude 

but I also think he went of script and asked different questions than he was supposed to and that really threw her off 


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I loved this interview... he asked what we all wanna know really... I know most fans have wondered why she chooses to look the way she has in past years and if she cares or not basically is what hes trying to get out of her. Also the last question was on point and I was surprised she giggled and said no but yet we are all so convinced they were controlling her back then... idk. Could have been a nervous response.

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1 hour ago, Britneyarmy8 said:

He had one chance to interview her and he asked the most random stupid questions 

3/4 of his questions were basically “do u hate ur past songs and videos and looks” like huh

Her team doesn't allow interviewers to ask anything insightful though. The questions have to be pre-approved I believe. At least he was asking some interesting questions that I actually wanted to know her answers to. He wasn't being rude at all. It was unprofessional of her to be looking at her team or the clock every 5 seconds though. I know Britney doesn't like press but she doesn't have to make it so obvious and be so awkward. I would think she could pull it together for a couple of days to just answer questions comfortably. Like you said, nobody asks hard-hitting questions anyway.

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that interviewed had balls to do that questions, and she looks really awkward and uncomfortable , her body language says a lot , also i seen few videos with jason and everytime he tooks her shoulders, and that doesn't fit at all.


The reporter he could lose his job and be blackout on the media, if the label wants it, cause labels could denie any interview or press assistance to any related event. 


The worst interviews or most agressive i seem , if Diana Sawyer and her press conference in mexico 2002. 

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Her looking off to the side is very common even if the questions aren’t that deep like she’s looking to see if her response is okay. The 2008 RS article where the reporter talks about Larry interrupting them many and seeing Britney looking annoyed, her team literally wishes she’s a robot so they can type out what they want her to say, crazy people.

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I remember this interview, haven't seen it in years. To me she is just annoyed, I think Britney is more natural here than her last recent interviews, where she is always making faces, covering her mouth or nervously moving her hands.

Also I don't think the reporter was rude. English is not my first language and sometimes it's hard to express myself the right way, it seems like that was the case for him. I believe he wanted to know if she cared at all about the "bad hair and makeup days" and if she thinks some of her early videos seem outdated now. I like those questions because they are different from what they constantly ask her and truth be told, we all wonder how she feels about those things.

THE LAST QUESTION THOUGH! Definitely not pre-approved, bold of him to ask! Too bad they didn't show her reaction.

I got the impression she answered "no because I’m here right now" as in "I’m not overprotected because I’m in this situation where you're asking me if I’m overprotected". Reminded me when they asked Britney in For The Record if she knew her life was weird, and she answered that it's all she has ever known, so to her it's not weird, it's her normal.

Makes you think :receipts2:

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