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Lou Taylor's conversion therapies are actually legal in the United States

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Earlier today I was wondering how legal these so-called "programs" really were in the US so imagine my suprise when I read this


Conversion "therapy" laws prohibit licensed mental health practitioners from subjecting LGBTQ minors to harmful conversion "therapy" practices that attempt to change their ****** orientation or gender identity

These laws do not restrict the practice among religious providers


In case you forgot, these programs take place and are run by churches incluiding Lou & Rob Taylor's Calvary Chapel


Coming Out Again is a ministry resource for all churches throughout the United States who are looking for help on the topic of homosexuality, transgender behavior, and same-*** attraction. Locally, we minister to those among our community who are looking for hope and freedom from the gay lifestyle, and to their families. For more information on our discipleship program, family support, or our guest speaker, visit our website.


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why would she do something illegal?

This is disgusting but not at all surprising that she found another legal loophole. She lives in legal loopholes. 

Just like the c-ship for young people who are able to work, might be legal, but it's the right thing? The fact Lou Taylor minion Justin Tranter is openly gay and defends LGBT+ rights... Disturbin

Welcome to the U.S.A. :whatitellu:

Pretty sure this is slowly getting banned on a state-by-state basis, at least for minors.  We don’t have federal protection from workplace discrimination either. This is why Pride and LGBTQ+ activism is important.

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Who the **** affiliates themselves with a church that does this to people? Let alone be this deeply involved in it! Disturbing information.

This needs to be investigated immediately. If any of y’all are in the US, specifically Cali, please get in touch with a local LGBT charity or support association and report this. Call the police, do what you can. 

It’s one thing to mess with a woman’s freedom (who seems to already be in a legal battle regarding it) but it’s another thing to be this level of homophobic to the point where you are willing to risk teen kids mental health for the rest of their lives and render them traumatised? 

  Nasty piece of work 

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This sort of thing is off limits and is why I am so thankful to have attended a church that taught you that YOUR relationship with GOD is only between YOU and God.  When I see these sorts of programs I already assume harassment will be involved.  

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2 hours ago, Tear the floor up up said:

WHAT :umomg: any more info on this?




 The last one... Sigh

Tranter and Lou are friends/partners, many of her clients end up working with him. Gwen Stefani two latest albuns had him all over. Glory same thing and Britney didn't even said nothing about B10, but we already know he is the Executive producer. Coincidences, of course... :chrissy:

He is openly gay and allegedly works for LGBT+ community. He is the one behind glaad awards too, the gay award that Britney received in 2018.

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This woman! I can't get over the stupidity! :chrissy: Britney Spears - stands up for LGBT rights, large LGBT fanbase etc and then here, you have this GOBLIN bxtch of a woman running a GAY CONVERSION THERAPY :cackling: the hilarity :cackling: 

Lou LACK OF INTELLEGENCE Taylor at it again :tiffcackle:

Someone just please lock this woman in a cell for the rest of her life :chrissy: please :lessons:

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1 hour ago, Buffybot said:

I was looking for Tranter content on Lou IG, then I found this praise for another abuser. Cute 

Lou loves to pray, and also loves to support misogyny. :whatitellu:

Can anyone name even 10 of his hits? :imacat:

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i cannot believe how people abuse of  religion to earn money in a bad way, God and religion inspire Love and not judge anyone, Not to find a bad way to find people to steal their money, this is bad. 


this is illegal there are cases in mexico, they do as MK ULTRA and put it sleep with pills and  put earburds on pacients , hearing audios to reprogram themselves, the people is  not converted,  is just tortured, just get into traumas that doesn't want to know anything about *** when the sessions end. thats whats happen and it cost a lotttttt of money, and if don't pay by the pacient, is payed by stealing money from donations.

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there is a movie about that with chloe moretz, kinda terrible but it's about that
she was caught discovering herself with a friend and her parents sent her to Lou taylor's conversion therapy  :howdareyou:



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