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Favorite Britney Red Carpet Moments

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So, I was searching and creeping to see what the trolls were saying about the new Glory cover.  :jj:

As I was, I stumbled across this article.


It’s always great to see a positive article about Britney no matter what the topic may be.  Anyway, it got me thinking.  What was your favorite Britney red carpet moment? As much as I agree with the article (because let’s be honest she looked absolutely stunning and resembled a modern day Marilyn Monroe), I have to say the 2001 VMA’s was by far my favorite.  



The hair, the makeup, the outfit, those LEGS, and that SMILE!!!  :airpls:

Need I say more?!


I didn’t think so.  

So what’s your favorite Britney red carpet moment?!  :wonka:

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1 minute ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Her looks that era were just perfection. So damn beautiful. My favorite is this one article-2531480-1A59C48700000578-833_642nintchdbpict000002560730.jpga true Lady and the Tramp :urite:

Her looks this era WERE perfection!  Everything was just on point.  Now if only she could’ve pointed him to the door.  :tongueney:





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27 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

Since you already picked my top fave - the 2001 VMAs. This is my #2.


When will their faves. :barbie:

I stole your fave?!:o  

This is the one written about in that article.  Despite being robbed for the awards that night, I think it’s fair to say she stole the red carpet.  A true vision in white.   


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4 hours ago, blackoutbixxh said:

I agree with @Mattyj7883, Britney’s 2001 VMAs red carpet look is my favorite of hers. Since my #1 has already been posted, I’ll just leave a couple other favorites of mine that haven’t been mentioned yet:




All good choices!  The first one is great (especially since you chose a picture without Kevin haha) and her legs looked killer.  Oh, who the hell are we kidding?  Her legs usually always look good in a mini with some heels!

clueless movie GIF

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3 hours ago, kleinbritney said:

The cameraman was hot for Britney's nipples ;-)


All red carpet appearances were beautiful

Some of her red carpet looks really were iconic.  Some good and some questionable.  Haha.  However, for the time it wasn’t so bad.  Which cameraman was hot for her nipples?  :makeitrain:


All that made me think of is Jennifer Aniston on Friends and how her nipples were always out.  :imacat:

So much, in fact, that there have been articles about it.  Haha.




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3 hours ago, Dirk said:

this one

i wish i were her that night :katyfrog:

i love this bc she was actually enjoying herself, and she even met his parents HOW CUTE




She did look like she was enjoying herself.  And if stories are true then she definitely enjoyed herself later that night too.  :tongueney:

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16 minutes ago, I've Just Begun said:

Love her 2002 human-Barbie phase so much! The AMA look from that year is probably my fav, but that's already been posted so I'll go with VMA Dominatrixney




Yes, she really is a human Barbie.  ESPECIALLY during this era!!  :barbie:

Anyone who doesn’t agree?


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