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If Nobody Believes in You - Be Your Own Supporter (life story time)


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Hello fellow Exhale humans,

not sure if anyone will read this or have any interest since it's not about any of our pop stars but I wanted to tell you something.

Sometimes we are surrounded by people in our family that DON'T BELIEVE IN US and think that our artistry, expression, YouTube channel (in my case) are just a waste of time cause they don't bring us money right away and so that's not something we should waste our time on. Unfortunately, I am staying at my aunt's place in Germany and can't go anywhere else due to the situation which we all very well know...

It's not easy listening to all those comments like: you should do something that you can make money with, or something that could help others without considering the fact that YouTube for example helps a lot of people every day with various tutorials, but also in their mental health struggle or just being entertained in these challenging times.

Like this, I have to be my own best friend aka supporter and push forward. Yes, she is right, I am not making any money with my videos since I just started a couple of months ago but I am having a lot of fun filming and hopefully entertaining people who watch them. 

Ok, I don't want to bore you with a novel of a text, I just wanted to let you know that I BELIEVE IN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. 💖

I truly believe this community is amazing and very entertaining so I have to thank you for making my life more colorful with your hilarious comments to different topics and if some people in your life doubt you, or simply don't believe in your visions, there are others who will. 

Have a great weekend fabulous humans 🙏🏽

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You are so inspiring and I love you and I love your videos. 🧡 Please never stop doing what you're doing. I believe in you. You are :praisega:

15 minutes ago, IgorMarleyBasic said:

I have to be my own best friend

It's you, yourself, and you. That's all you got in the end. That's what you found out. And it ain't no need to cry, you took a vow that from now on you will be your own bestfriend. :bop:

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When I was a young boy, I was overwhelmed with things like "boys don't cry, they don't show their emotions", "why are you so skinny ?", and many more sentences so traumatizing that I grew up hating myself. For being different, for having emotions, for being me actually. Thankfully, writing became very therapeutic, I started at the age of 13, writing poems, songs..
It was only when I went to college when I started to accept, believe and love myself. Now I am a happy black man who doesn't give a crap about what everyone says about me, because that's how I am and they have to take it or leave it. I continue to write songs (and wrote one about mental health), to live my life the way I want and to be freely happy.
Thanks for sharing your story and stay strong.

:kiss: from France :)

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I've had lots of people who haven't believed me, including my own family. They thought I wouldn't amount to anything, didn't have faith in me, and told me I was lazy, and entitled, but yet here I am working in a stable job for the time being, I write music, I sing, and do what everyone said I couldn't do. Since they couldn't, and wouldn't believe in me, I had to believe in myself. I'm working on my self esteem after all those years of being talked down to, and talked about by people who I thought supported me. If nobody wanted to help support me through my darkest times, I don't see anybody else who would have. :)

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