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My favourite album by Britney is In the zone.I believe even if she released some of the songs now they’ll still sound fresh..!

Since in new here I don’t know if this has already been done before!

Heres my Album Ranking: (Not including the Bonus Tracks)

12.Brave New Girl

Okay this Song isn’t that bad..But the title,The lyrics and the vibe match more with the Britney album..It seems a bit out of place on this album so it’s my least favourite 


This is a great song and has very good lyrics..But compared to rest of album it’s a bit too emotional..I feel the main emphasis of in the zone was to be bold and fearless so this heartbreak song is a bit too much for me..But still a great song!

10.The Hook Up

This song is very catchy and makes me groove to it but..Let’s be honest.It does sound a bit dated.But I still really love this song and enjoy listening to it.!


Okay before y’all attack me..This is a very emotional song and the fact that Britney wrote this on her piano shows her talent as an artist.But..She does get a lot of **** when she sang this live in the onyx hotel tour..And please this was for JT..And I don’t like JT so..🤷🏻‍♂️

8.Early Mornin’

The only reason why I placed this song higher than everytime and the hookup is due to the bold meaning behind this song.This song is about having ********* *** when Britney tells her hookup to call all his friends..This song shows much about Britney’s transition from sweet innocent girl to a bolder hot woman.

7.I Got That Boom Boom (Ft.Ying Yang Twins)

This is very groovy and catchy..But sometimes I need to be in the mood to listen to this song..So placing it at this place
And plus it’s bold meaning where Britney tells his man to hurry up and start their *** before the sun rises


Another bold song..Plus it’s tone and it’s composition..It’s another masterpiece.Its about a couple having breakup ***...Again I have to be in the mood to listen to this song..Else I love it!!


I know many of you may get triggered by this.But Let’s all agree it’s very catchy..If Britney hadn’t hurt her knee..Britney night have transitioned into featuring hip hop artist into her songs..Plus the dance for the music video..Her hot outfits in the music videos..This song had so much potential for its composition and the music..Well I should have posted it much lower since it was written by R.Kelly but I love this song and even used to workout to it sometime 😬😂

4.Me Against the Music(ft.Madonna) 

This song had so much potential in it..Only song in history to feature Madonna,Awesome Dance break,Iconic Music vidéo,Iconic performances,Everything related to this song was perfection..I don’t know why it couldn’t make it to top 10 on the billboard charts..Any way I love this song..This is even great to workout to!


Well..Do I need to explain that..Every person regardless of their age,Gender,Sexuality,Preference,etc loves shaking their *** to toxic! This also gave Britney her only Grammy and Ofcourse Britney herself chose for this to be a single..A masterpiece and iconic song in every way.

2.Touch of My hand

This is probably the first song which openly speaks about female ************..Imagine releasing such a controversial song in the 2000s..And that too being released by the sweet virginal image girl Britney..!

I love the Lyrics,The composition and The message..Plus it still sounds fresh up to this date..!

1.Breathe on Me

I mean..Britney loves it her fans love it..Plus I can only imagine how iconic and hot would have been the music video if prime Britney had shot one for this..It would have completely changed her image...Sadly we didn’t get a music video for this but cmon it’s a great song..The message,The composition and The melodyof this song..

What are your album rankings for in the zone??!images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRd4hvEjhdzorQ9z8P5o2i

Also I’m adding this alternate album cover which I like more than the original 

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My In The Zone Ranking::checkit:

12.Outrageous (6.5/10)

I listen to this like only when I am in the mood to:xfactorlook:so basically it depends on my mood:tiffanynod:

11.Early Mornin’ (7.5/10)

The song is like....so sensual:checkit: it feels so eerie and fresh to listen to and I like that:nynod:

10. Hook (8/10)

No matter what mood I am in, this song always gets me groovin:awyeah: it just sounds so good:wontcry:

9. Showdown (8.3/10)

It sounds really cool:mhm:

8. (I got that) boom boom (8.5/10)


7.Brave new girl (8.6/10)

Yes... yr reading the right thing. Don’t rub your eyes:queenflopga: yes I said it, brave new girl might be an outcast but it slayyyyssss:letitburn: it might not sound so fresh compared to the other tracks but it does its job as a banger in the album itself and the hat paid to brave new girl should go:clown: the beginning alone, slays over I got that boom and showdown:martini:

6.Me against the music (8.9/10)

no need to explain this one:firega:

5. Shadow (9/10)

The song is quite fantastic and captures Britney’s higher registers and tones. The quality and shakiness of brits voice makes it even more shiny and gorgeous:kyliecry: it was truly a great song :fakecry: love it:gloriascary:

4.Everytime (9.3/10)

This song is so haunting, deep, hurting, sorrowful yet...so beautiful at the same time:crying1: it really embraces yr heart and hurts u when u hear Britney’s delicate, whispering and low voice:crying4: truly Britney is a genius:didilie:

3.Touch of my hand (9.9/10)

ILegendary song:barbie: legendary voice:duadance:legendary everything:werk: I love how she uses the Chinese music so delicately and beautifully:nynod: Touch of my hand is the second best engineered song in the album :meryl:

2.Toxic (10/10)

The desi-influenced chords and instrumentals, Britney’s gaspy and airy voice and genius engineering on this track alone makes it the “Song of the century” and “Song that defined 2000s childhood):livinggg:

1. Breathe on me (10/10)

okay...so where do I start?






Thats it :sendinglove:


EDIT: My ratings of this album have changed alot lol



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  1. Shadow (one of her best songs EVER) :mimiclap:
  2. Touch of My Hand (I consider "TOMH" and "BOM" an inseparable pair, but I think songs about ************ are more interesting because they're more rare, so I put "TOMH" above "BOM")
  3. Breathe on Me
  4. Everytime ("Shadow" and "When I Found You" outsold)
  5. Toxic
  6. The Answer
  7. Don't Hang Up (why were these two not on the album, wtf?!)
  8. Showdown (that moan elevates this song to a whole 'nother level)
  9. The Hook Up
  10. Outrageous (VERY repetitive, but overall a nice, catchy track)
  11. Early Mornin' (that's not her singing the chorus, is it?! otherwise it'd be higher)
  12. Me Against the Music (shame that her collab with Madonna, FREAKIN' MADONNA, ended up being kinda 'meh')
  13. (I Got That) Boom Boom (trash)
  14. Brave New Girl (doesn't fit on the album at all - should've been on "Britney" or scapped altogether)

tbh, this is the easiest album to rank out of all of them :katycream:

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Best Britney album of all time.

14. Brave New Girl (3/5)

Not a bad song but I don't understand why they put this piece of teen pop on what is supposed to be an adult album.

13. Early Mornin' (3/5)

It's a little boring.

12. Shadow (3/5)

Beautiful song. Good lyrics. Not the best production choices.

11. Touch Of My Hand (4/5)

Iconic! But also a little boring at times.

10. (I Got That) Boom Boom (4/5)

It's a bop! We stan Urbaney! But it's a little to long.

9. Everytime (5/5)

The quintessential Britney ballad. Beautiful melodies, vocals and lyrics.

8. Don't Hang Up (5/5)

Underrated gem. I love the production and lyrics. And I like how the autotune adds to the feeling of the song.

7. Outrageous (5/5)

Just a straight up bop. No complaints here. 

6. Showdown (5/5)

Another underrated gem. I love the energy in this song. And how it combines different genres to make this boppy fusion of a song.

5. Breathe On Me (5/5)

Love the atmosphere of the song. It really sets a mood.

4. The Answer (5/5)

This song is so underrated! I love the mixture swirling synths with an R&B beat in the back. And the sensual lyrics and vocal performance compliment it perfectly.

3. The Hook Up (5/5)

Who thought reggae and Britney Spears would go together so well? The chorus slaps! And that bridge is EVERYTHING!

2. Me Against The Music (5/5)

This is Urbaney at her peak! The phrasing in the verses! The rapid prechorus!  The bridge! Madonna! This song has it all.

1. Toxic (5/5)

Do I even need to explain this? This stands with Britney's best work. The production is probably her best on a track ever. The song is structured immaculately. This song is pop perfection.

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Before you read this keep in mind that ITZ isn’t my favorite album lol. I’m not trying to be negative towards Britney. Also... I’ll get more positive once you read on lol. I do love ITZ

14. The Answer 2/5

She sounds great but the song does nothing for me. 

13. Showdown 2/5

Now see, the song has potential but I hate the fact the instrumental lacks a final climax. Ugh it goes nowhere. Verses are **** though!

12. Brave New Girl 2.5/5

It’s a cute song. Not more than that

11. Shadow 2.5/5

I outgrew Shadow. I think it’s a bit cheesy. 
the chorus is quite pitchy too. I listen to it rarely. It’s ok 

10. I Got That Boom Boom 2.5/5

The Britney parts are fun. Ying yang annoys the crap out of me.

9. The Hook Up 2.5/5

A bit too monotone for my taste. I love the bridge though!

8. Outrageous 2.5/5

Not really my genre but she sounds good! There’s attitude!

7. Don’t Hang Up 3/5

Now were getting there. This is a good song imo. Britney sounds great on it too!

6. Early Morning 3/5

I like the vibe of this song and the remix is great too! I usually prefer poppy Britney but this is an exception. 

5. Me Against The Music 3.5/5

A solid pop track with an amazing pre chorus and great video!

4. Touch Of My Hand 4/5

Different. Interesting. Nothing she had done before. We’re getting to the 4 standout tracks that I usually talk about when I say I don’t care much for ITZ besides the 4 standout tracks. I don’t care much for the live performances but the track itself is awesome.

3. Breathe On Me 4.5/5

**** Britney in a perfect pop track! The track seduces you. Just because I think the track would not have been a succes back in 2004 doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I love BOM but 2004 **** Britney wasn’t something the GP was accepting like they did later. It would’ve worked better in the 10’s 

2. Everytime 5/5

I’m not always a fan of Britney’s falsetto (im looking at you original doll/blackout demos) but in Everytime it’s so raw and you feel the emotion so it’s perfect! Beautiful track! 

1. Toxic 5/5

I mean come on. This track has everything! The attitude the catchiness the original sound the lyrics and the music video. It’s a pop classic! 

Even though ITZ isn’t close to my top favorite Britney albums. It will always hold a special place in my heart because it had a fantastic start of an era! Yay ITZ! 🥰

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1, Shadow

2, Touch Of My Hand

3, Breathe On Me

4, Brave New Girl and I don't care what yall say

5, Toxic

6, Me Against The Music

7, Showdown

8, Outrageous

9, Early Mornin

10, Everytime

11, ( I Got That) Boom Boom 

12, The Hook Up



I wanna be there when you touch fire

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In the Zone is Britneys best album, from start to finish, but if I had to rate them including the bonus tracks coz they are fiyah then:

15. Me against  the music remix - I'm not a huge fan of remixes, when they are included as a bonus track i kind of find them lazy, like give me a new original song and release that remix on the single.

14. Brave new girl - Like I said before, I love this album from start to finish, this is literally the only easy choice I have to make, the rest get harder, but I still love this song and when it comes on I too pretend I'm a Brave new girl.

13. Outrageous - Only this low for the R.Kelly factor, otherwise would be higher on my list, i still lowkey jam when it comes on.

12. (I got that) Boom Boom - One of my faves when I first heard the album as a fully fledged 13 yo gay kid lusting over the southern boys out there!

11. The Hook Up - I loooove this mood, the way she sings, the way the music sounds, ugh so fresh!

10. The answer - At one point in my life this song was my all time fave Britney song (it didn't last long). Its just a **** jam and her voice is everything.... TBH her voice on this whole album is the best its ever sounded.

9. Early Mornin' - Hurts me to put this so low on my list but I really am just nitpicking at this point. This song slaps and should've been a single, along with the rest of the album tbh!

8. Touch of my hand - Like I said before, I was 13 when this album came out so I literally thought this song was about her touching something with her hand, little did I realise that it was about something more ****** than that haha!!

7. Me against the music - This was tough because the mood, the video, the song is everything! The only reason why its here on my list is because every other song slaps a tad bit harder for me.

6. Shadow - Such a beautiful song and her voice when she sings it gives me life

5. Showdown - I can honestly picture the video for this song and its such a crime that this album only got 3 official videos when it could've easily had 10.

4. Toxic - THIS IS WHAT ICONIC IS!!! BASIC *****ES TAKE NOTES!!! This song is one of the most iconic pop songs and videos ever, but it ain't my number 1 because its simply not my fave haha.

3. Don't hang up - An odd choice perhaps, but when Britney sings about phone S E X i take notes haha.. I love this song, I feel like I'm underwater in the beginning, but it just gets me so excited everytime it comes on spotify.


1. Everytime - This song is my all time favourite Britney song, the fact that she wrote it, she play the piano, her angelic voice as she sings it, the video, everything! I absolutely love this song!!


So there you have it, a bottoms take on the best album to ever be released!


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14. Brave New Girl : Not that bad, very childish compared to the rest of the record

13. (I Got That) Boom Boom : The only thing I don't like about this song is the unnecessary feature

12. The Hook Up

11. Outrageous

10. Don't Hang Up

9. Shadow

8. The Answer

7. Showdown

6. Breathe On Me

5. Me Against The Music

4. Early Mornin'

3. Touch Of My Hand

2. Everytime

1. Toxic

Is Lou the new queen of pop? - Britney Spears Forum - BreatheHeavy ...

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Ok this is one of those lists again especially cause I believe In The Zone is a very solid body of work. It doesn't have a skip. :barbie: This list is not based on quality but is based on songs I enjoy listening to after 17 years - what gives me life in 2020. The singles are all ranked lower because I've already overplayed them to a point where it's no longer fresh to me. :imacat:

1. Breathe On Me
2. Early Mornin'
3. Showdown
4. Shadow
5. Toxic
6. Everytime
7. Outrageous
8. Me Against the Music
9. Touch of My Hand
10. The Hook Up
11. Brave New Girl
12. (I Got That) Boom Boom

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1. Toxic

2. Everytime

3. Don’t Hang Up

4. Touch Of My Hand

5. Breathe On Me

6. Showdown

7. Me Against the Music 

8. The Answer

9. (I Got That) Boom Boom

10. Shadow

11. Early Mornin’

12. Brave New Girl

13. The Hook Up

14. Outrageous

not a bad album at all though. 

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in terms of quality,

  1. Toxic - 11/10
  2. Outrageous - 10/10
  3. Early Mornin’ - 10/10
  4. Breathe On Me - 10/10
  5. Me Against The Music - 10/10
  6. Showdown - 10/10
  7. Don’t Hang Up - 10/10
  8. Everytime - 9.75/10
  9. (I Got That) Boom Boom - 9.75/10
  10. Touch Of My Hand - 9.5/10
  11. Girls & Boys - 9.5/10
  12. The Hook Up - 9.5/10
  13. (I’ve Just Begun) Having My Fun - 9/10
  14. Shadow - 9/10
  15. The Answer - 8.5/10
  16. Brave New Girl - 5/10


my personal 3 favorites:
1. Toxic
2. Everytime
3. Outrageous

in conclusion, a pop masterpiece (with the exception of the ****-stain that is brave new girl)  :mimiclap:

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Why is Brave New Girl so low on everyone's lists?! :xcuseme:

I actually love the entire album so this is really hard.

14. Outrageous - Easily the least appealling for me

13. The Answer - Still vibey but not an instant go to

12. Breathe On Me - Gonna ruffle some feathers here but I'd probably skip it, sorry not sorry :chershade:

11. Me Against The Music - It's a banger but I find singles less appealling because overplaying

10. (I Got That) Boom Boom - This always reminds me of White Chicks, what a time

9. Brave New Girl - I actually love this song, the concept of breaking free is cute, always puts me in good spirits

8. Early Mornin' - This is getting difficult now...

7. Shadow - Always gets me so emotional, beautifully written

6. Touch Of My Hand - This really gets me going

5. Everytime - Also beautifully written, the best ballad she's ever done

4. The Hook Up - I was blasting this in the car the other day when the sun was out, issa vibe

3. Showdown - Pure ***, yes

2. Toxic - Obviously

1. Don't Hang Up - This is easily one of the best for me, it just creates an energy I can't explain

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14. Early Mornin’ 

I get that this was Britney being a little more edgy, experimental, and grown up, but the song is just eh for me. Not bad, I like how her voice sounds, but I really only listen to it when I listen to the whole album all the way through. 

13. Don’t Hang Up

Cute, but I prefer Phonography. 

12. Brave New Girl 

Fun, kinda a last little bubblegum song, but the chorus is pretty darn good. 

11. The Hookup 

fun, and she was way ahead of the tropical sound, but the guy shouting on the song annoys me. 

10. The Answer

This song is so ****. I think it should have been included on the standard version instead of the other songs I have lower. I would have loved to see a video for it. And diddy could have had a cameo. 

9. Outrageous 

I don’t know if I would have picked this as the 4th single, but I like that it’s unique. Too bad it’s tainted by R. Kelly’s involvement. And what happened with the video. 

8. Showdown

very **** and cool, I just remember when it first cane out I wished she sang the verses more than just talking them. But that bridge is fire! 

7. Shadow

An underrated ballad in Britney’s discography. I love the lyrics and Britney’s voice on this song. And the performance from the onyx hotel tour is so good. 

6. I Got That Boom Boom 

this song is so crazy, the banjo over and hip hop beat. It’s just fire. Plus that performance on trl with those low riders. I think this would have been a good 4th single since they seemed to want a more urban single. 

5. Me Against The Music 

I’ve never understood why this song didn’t chart higher. It’s so high energy. And the Madonna collab is amazing. The video is fantastic. The choreography was great. The look just screams mid 2000s with the fedora. I only wish Britney and Madonna would have performed it together at lest once. 

4. Touch Of My Hand 

Friggin iconic. I love that this song is SO unique. So sensual, without having to be raunchy. Could have been a single with a beautiful music video. 

3. Toxic 

A true ear worm. This song could come out today and still sound fresh. I’m glad Britney fought for this to be a single and she finally got her well overdue Grammy. 

2. Breathe On Me 

THE Sexxiest song of all time. It’s a travesty this wasn’t a single and didn’t get a video. At least in Europe I think this song would have been a huge hit. I mean even Xtina says she wishes she had this song. 

1. Everytime 

this is one of my all time favorite songs. It’s Britney’s signature ballad. It’s perfect. Her voice sounds beautiful. She wrote it. The lyrics, melody, piano, all so beautiful. And I love it so much, that while Justin was being a shady little vengeful *****, Britney showed her class and remained a sweet queen by releasing this as a response. And the video, if this came out in the YouTube age, the song would have hit number one. Because it’s a great song, but the video is so beautiful and personal, and controversial, without having to be about ***. It’s just perfect. 

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