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Britney's dream pop tracks

Illegally EATEN

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I dont know about you guys, but I LOVE when Britney delves into dream pop territory :kidcries:

If she wanted to, she could make a flawless dream pop record that would give Lana Del Who a run for her money and thats just facts :queenflopga:

I'd like to start a discussion on her dream pop tracks, and also to compile a list here of all her tracks that have at the very least touched on dream pop.

And Then We Kiss- this is her ultimate dream pop masterpiece, especially the Junkie XL Remix (which is better than the original). One of my favorite Britney tracks ever. Full on dream pop.

Sometimes- low-key dream pop, mostly in the instrumental, but still enough to be included imo.

Born To Make You Happy- a crossover between dream pop and 90s mainstream pop. Contains many elements of dream pop, both lyrically and instrumentally.

Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know- super low-key inspired by dream pop. Mostly to do with the vocals I think?

Breathe On Me- definitely dream pop territory. From the breathy vocals to the delicate production.

Touch of My Hand- contains elements of dream pop, mostly in the vocals.

Everytime- definite dream pop ballad. Especially the mixing and mastering of the track puts it into dream pop territory.

Heaven On Earth- they were obviously going for a dream pop vibe with this track. It is the ultimate example of quintissential dream pop. The lyrics, the vocals, the production, ughhh....

Break The Ice- dream pop mostly in the element of falsetto vocals throughout.

Perfect Lover- dream pop mostly in vocals and vocal-manipulating + production in chorus + post-chorus.

Unusual You- hands down her 2nd best dream pop masterpiece not far behind ATWK. It's amazing :yasqueen:

Blur- subtle element of dream pop that they were clearly going for due to the subject matter. Mostly heard in the instrumental.

Rock Me In- Britney fully venturing into indie/dream-pop territory. Has always been one of my favorite tracks of hers. Beautiful dreamy falsetto in the chorus.

Amnesia- more indie sounding than dream pop, but the two are often used synonymously, so Ill include this here.

Out From Under- definitely contains elements of dream pop, I think it's the melody?

I Wanna Go- mostly full on pop, but contains many dream pop elements, mostly production-wise.

Seal It With A Kiss- I wanna include this in the list but not entirely sure what about it is reminiscent of dream pop?

Criminal- 50% pop, 50% dream pop. Probably due to the flute riffs.

Alien- dream pop. Not very good, but still dream pop.

Brightest Morning Star- dream pop, surprisingly one of my favorite Britney songs (dont tell anyone I said that)

Hold On Tight- mostly dream pop in the instrumental.

Invitation- full on dream pop. From the vocals to the production to the effects. Very well done.

Just Luv Me- contains elements of dream pop, mostly in the vocals.

Coupure Electrique- definitely dream pop. This song has grown on me tbh.


What are your favorite dream pop tracks by Britney? Any that I missed? :mattafact:




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5 hours ago, Ofcoursenot said:


  • Unusual You
  • Sugarfall 
  • State Of Gace
  • Outta This World 
  • And Then We Kiss
  • Strangest Love
  • Shadow
  • Alien (No-glitch version)
  • Man On The Moon
  • Just Luv Me
  • Don't Hung Up
  • Invitation

Such a good playlist :yesplease:

This is a good playlist with a bottle of wine and a blunt tbh to just daydream and fall into.Space Science Tech GIF by European Space Agency - ESA

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