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What are annoying things in Britney's music ?

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9 hours ago, Deyonce said:

Mmm Papi's existence 

The production on Till Its Gone


9 hours ago, Deyonce said:

The Instrumental break in Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass is an amazing song :mattafact:

Til It's Gone is an amazing track and does not get enough recognition :scalped: when I first heard it all I could think about is 80's video games and I was living for it :urite:

Mmm Papi is a cute and funky track that I rarely hear but it's a good track nonetheless :duadance:

If anything I'd be picky about, it'd be how short all the songs on Glory feel. It doesn't bother me as much now but when I first listened to the album back when it released I was like, every song sounds so short :donewithit: also, I'd love to change the track layout on some albums too! Like Glory and Circus. 

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7 hours ago, quaterpast3 said:

1. Auto-tune on FF.

3. I wish FF had more backing vocals, ad libs, harmonies etc. to make the songs less repetitive/more depth. I feel like in the final hook she should be giving us life (like she did in other albums)

2. All of Britney Jean... I don't really consider it part of Britney's discography (more Myah's lol). Only Work ***** because of the visuals, and I guess the meme-level popularity it got with the GP made everyone like it by default? But I remember the first time I heard it I didn't feel like this was a Britney song.

3. Glory's Private Show... enough said.

4. The male voice in DYWCO (I wish it was all Britney's talking voice instead).

5. Not putting (and pushing) Trouble on standard Circus.

6. Not putting (and pushing) Mood Ring on standard Glory.

I'll never forgive her team for 2, 5 and 6.


There's actually Britney vocals there!



I don't know how to post the tweet:clown:

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12 hours ago, babyimmafreak90 said:

The glitch in alien :tina:

The demo sounds all over Circus :tina:

The cold and flu vocal effect all through FF :tina:

I’m not here for this MOTM and Glory slander though :tina:

I love the can opening sound in DYWCO. 

Although I’ll agree, just luv me and just like me? :tina:

Just like me > Just luv me :queenflopga:


Glitch in alien? 

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16 minutes ago, theholyspearit22 said:

Tracks featuring those god awful computerised chipmunk vocals.
Private Show.... like seriously wtf is that? 

Britney Jean..

The potential was there, it just wasn’t executed. I’m not completely bashing the album. But it will forever annoy me an album in such a shape was ever released. :gross:


I can't believe there's not a fanmade fixing that voice on Private Show:fakecry:

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5 hours ago, BabyBabyBay said:

The "I'm too nervous, what would I say?!" bit after "When Your Eyes Say It/Girl In The Mirror"

YES I don;t know why they added that. It's so cringey

I wanna be there when you touch fire

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5 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Way to take one for the team

I mean, I understand you guys prefer the other two setups and I love you, so I'll be the one to adjust. It can't be that bad right? :yaknow:  It's just a love scene, no big deal, it's just acting, and I'm a professional. :comingthru:

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