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A letter to Exhale

Jordan Miller

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Hey Exhale fam, I wanted to share a few thoughts I had on my mind regarding Exhale right now. :fakecry:

I am so grateful and appreciative to everyone reading the forum, commenting, creating threads and connecting with one another in topics or DMs or IMs. I was honestly not super happy running BreatheHeavy for the last year or so. Writing 5-10 formal articles every day for more than five years took its toll. It felt very groundhog day-ish. However, I never lost sight of how special BreatheHeavy and all of you are to me. Revamping Exhale and pouring all my attention and energy into community building was the exciting change I craved for so long. :katycry:

My main objective with Exhale is to give people a place to connect with one another over similar interests. There's a huge unifying component to that, but sometimes it also creates conflict and disagreements... neither of which are inherently bad, however it's very important how we navigate through them. It's important to me that we all work together to act as kind and positive towards one another, ESPECIALLY in these unprecedented times. It's possible to disagree with someone and still respect them. We're all human and life is very short. Let's be here for one another. :hugs:

I want Exhale to be your second home - a place you not only connect with friends and indulge in discussions, but a place where you positively contribute. Let's work extra hard to practice compassion towards one another - you never know what battles your fellow Exhaler is battling behind-closed-doors. :kiss:

Thank you for being a part of this evolving forum. I look forward to seeing it continue to blossom! :tysm:

Please reach out to me any time whether you have a question, need help or just some support. I'm here for you. :wonka:



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I love this site and appreciate all the hard work you do. I couldn’t imagine my day with out Exhale tbh and I’m sure a lot of us feel the same :hugs:

It costs nothing to be nice. It’s fun to joke around and make light hearted (albeit snarky) comments, we just have to know where to draw the line. 

Positive vibes to all :kiss:

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6 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

I am sorry Exhalers for letting you all down. I am embarrassed and ashamed that something like that happened. I really don't know how to move forward from this. I feel really bad and I'm so sorry.

All my love,

You bring lots of positive energy around here. No one is perfect and you’re worthy of forgiveness. All you can do is to just go on and continue being the best you :hugs:

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I'm happy to see you addressed this issue Jordan, however it's pretty evident that everything that went down between all the parties involved should've been handed privately. 

I'm not trying to diss Roxxy, but as admin/mod, her role is to oversee that all is calm and collective. She went ahead and joined in on the conversation publicly. There was absolutely no reason for her to do that. 

Admins and mod have a role. It's not just as the person in charge, but also the person who can handle managing everything in an orderly fashion. It's someone ur followers can look up to and feel comfortable around. She did the total opposite. It was immature and unprofessional. 

I'm not gonna go into anymore. Feel free to contact me privately if you wanna further discuss. The same goes to all parties involved. 

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It was a wakeup call to me as well - we like to think we are pretty anonymous on this forum but it isn't so.  Google has our IP, mods have our IP - a good lesson in privacy.  Also, I realize now that there are teenagers on this forum and their Twitter philosophies have truly shaped a world view that I just cannot relate to.  It's a changing world. 

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27 minutes ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

I'm happy to see all of the love here. Though, I do feel out of the loop and I'm curious as to what brought this on - can I get a summary?

There is no hidden drama. I hope my message didn't come off as cryptic. It was a reminder to members to feel and practice showing love. The world can be a scary place right now, and I want Exhale to be a place where members come and feel comfort.

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I was off so I don’t know what happened these past days.. but I’m feeling very happy to interact here sometimes :crying4: I’m from Brazil and I used to participate in brazilian forums in 2009-2011, since then I never did it anymore. I love you guys :crying1:

ps: @Roxxy I’m not into what’s happening but you are the best, love ya 💕💕💕

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9 minutes ago, Godney'sSweetCheeks said:

Jordan, I'm really struggling to use the site since my cupcakeser got blocked by Exhale. I'm so sad and so poor. I feel like I'm being victimised by your greed :(

But other than that thanks for everything :ipass:

"victimised by your greed" 

Yikes. I certainly don't want anyone to think that. Can you explain what you mean by "struggling to use the site?" 

It's funny, from my perspective I feel like people who want to read Exhale but use an ad blocker don't care about the forum's future. :(  I don't love ads either, but I DO want Exhale to thrive... especially during a pandemic where we can connect with one another safely over the Internet :)

Let's talk about this over IM instead. I am going to message you. 

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