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Does LA Times stan Britney?


Does LA Times stan Britney?  

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I just saw this article posted yesterday:


it basically runs over britney's recent posts and is super positive about her. how her unfiltered posts are super refreshing when her peers have super calculate cleaned up posts, even calling it spacy yet in almost a good way. that's in stark contrast to "BRITNEY SPEARS SPARKS CONCERN FOR POSTING A PHOTO WHERE HER HAIR IS DIRTY: THIS IS THE 18TH TIME WE'VE PUBLISHED THIS SAME ARTICLE IN THE PAST YEAR" that we see a lot. it more or less is like, "she's quirky and it's lowkey refreshing, u go britney!". 

i've noticed the magazine also has defended her a lot and seems to be on her side generally. I remember during a project for a class last semester I actually used at least one of their articles for one of my main projects bc I wrote about Britney (the class was a composition society's approach to ethics and justice and etc and basically i wrote about her and questioned if it was ethical to keep Britney in the situation she's in). Do you think LA Times stans Britney? Or at least relative stanning when compared to how bought out other news outlets are when it comes to reporting trash lies about her.

(i hope no one posted this yet bc i didn't see any posts of it...:gum:)

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2 minutes ago, EasyThere said:

The media was kissing her *** since like 2012. Paychecks from her team were doing wonders. First time she started to get real negative press in years was in 2019.

Because her family is a mess. That's why. It's not slander if its true. They're just reporting on it. It's news.

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Just now, EasyThere said:

Yup. Plus it was obvious her team was sending negative information about her the moment FREEBRITNEY became legit. And serious threat to the whole cship facade .

To the Blast, yes. But if I hear another E! News or ET, i'm outta here. :byebitch:

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9 minutes ago, EasyThere said:

And to TMZ ngl. But same 

Some fans have no idea how many members of the Britney Army work for ET and E! News but they can't report on something without hard facts. At the end of the day we're all just speculating here. All they can do is report on stuff that's currently happening, mentioning the Free Britney movement here and there whenever they report about her court hearings or her alleged 'conservatorship battle'. But at the end of the day, they don't have hard evidence to build a strong case/news report. Ugh. I'm getting triggered again by this topic. This is my last. I'll stop now.

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33 minutes ago, EasyThere said:

I get what you are saying. Most of the sites like that report what they hear from Big Boys TMZ,Blast,Dailymail etc. So when you have control over TMZ you have control over all other smaller news outlets.

Best move Kris K ever did was having some kind of deal with Dailymail. They were everywhere,and every article was positive and well promoted.

oh you're still here ? 786c6f607a7f5cf52bdbc540d98b334700128ea1 

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