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Lady Gaga says ARTPOP was ahead of its time

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Lady Gaga faced a wave of backlash (including from me :gagasmile:) when she said she didn't remember ARTPOP



In her new interview with Paper, Gaga says she was just kidding. Here's an excerpt:



The topic of ARTPOP comes up, specifically Gaga's contentious 2019 tweet, "I don't remember ARTPOP," which sent fans into an absolute frenzy in defense of her underrated, critically slammed 2013 effort. As it turns out, Gaga does, in fact, recall her sometimes controversial third album. "I think it's funny that I'm not allowed to have a sense of humor," she says. "The internet is essentially a big joke, but if I tell one everyone freaks out. I don't regret my art, and I wouldn't suggest anyone do." Though ARTPOP couldn't possibly compare to the colossal success of Gaga's first two albums, it's certainly her most experimental to date. (Justice for "Sexxx Dreams," the hit single that never was.) "I look back at ARTPOP and look at music today, and I see a lot of things that were very..." Gaga pauses to find the right word. "Futuristic. Or they were ahead of their time, and I'm okay with saying that."

Remember that iconic moment of Christina Aguilera saying Bionic was too ahead of its time for some people? :drinky:

What do you guys think? Was ARTPOP ahead of its time?!



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And the good sis is absolutely right! :carpoolney: It's an incredible album from start to finish. I only really have two bad things to say about it:

1. While "Donatella" is a good song, it feels redundant when "Fashion!" exists.

2. "Jewels and Drugs" is questionable and should've been axed in favor of one of the unreleased songs.

I also really miss "Do What U Want", but removing it was for the better, so... :katycream:

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girl why does it feel like every move she makes is mimicking someone in the industry..? now it feels like she's copying the "irrelevant" musicians who are past their peak as her new thing...wacko confusing vague twitter posts ala britney, "this album that killed my momentum was ahead of it's time and i am a visionary" ala xtina w bionic....long gone are the days of mimicking madonna i guess

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She just chose the worst singles

Venus, ARTPOP and what was the other song? Fashion? or that was from Born this way? :blol: I don't know, but there were a few songs that were kinda cool.

I don't think it was ahead of its time, if any, it sounds outdated today, but that happens to me with everything she does. I like it for like a couple of months, then I never feel the crave to ever listen to her songs again. Except Joanne, I listened to that album once, and I promised to never listen to that borefest again. :awkblink:

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5 minutes ago, rik said:




Stripped> B2B > Liberation > Christina Aguilera > Bionic > Lotus

Is this our first fight? :haha:

Also, no. In what world is Liberation better than self titled and Bionic. Please. I can take Lotus as the worst but not Liberation being trinity status. :byetina:

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27 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

The way that we're talking a lot about Xtina both in and outside of Exhale today.

We really stan Legend X. :byetina:


While I do acknowledge the artistry she put in Liberation. Which I think is the best since Stripped. It's #2 for me when it comes to artistry because B2B was good but it was too ambitious and didn't really hit the mark as she did with Stripped. I still think Bionic and CA are better overall albums than Liberation because you can actually enjoy the music. Liberation is good. The writing. The production. But its boring and dull and good writing and good themes doesn't mean good album. Britney doesn't have a lot of deep and good themes but all her albums are as good as Stripped despite not being as artistic. Well, maybe not B6 to B9. Liberation is like Caution by Mariah. Unbreakable by Janet. Madame X by Madonna. All are good (but not her best) albums production and songwriting wise but are just... dead. But Liberation has some bops ill give it that. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'd rather listen to Speak by Lindsay Lohan and Paris by Paris Hilton even if both albums are shallow and commercial pop trash, than Liberation who is all this artistic **** but is just... imagine D list artists who are allegedly "talented" but its hard to enjoy their music. Liberation is very that. I hate D list artists who try hard to be edgy and the fans who think they're edgier for stanning them. EWW. If they want to listen to edgy music but its fun. Listen to Lauryn Hill or Outkast! Iconic. And that is why Daddy Andy Cohen didn't come to the Liberation Tour. :haha:

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