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"Britney Spears lives a sad existence"


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Came across this post on Reddit from some years back when she was in Vegas.

"One of my clients is a butler for her during her stays in Vegas. He tells me she kind of lives a sad existence, but she likes making floral arrangements. When she inquired about the hotel getting her flowers once, it was out of her allowed budget, and a butler had to drive to a grocery store to get her some :( "


Makes you wonder..

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Not a surprise for me... And yeah it is sad. But hopefully it's going to change. I feel like there's way too much news exposing Jamie and Lou, so the cship has to change much or just end. More and more people just won't buy things from the cship team, they don't benefit that much as before, Britney is on a break and refuses to work... It's about time. :mhm:

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