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Do Britney and Amanda Bynes have to follow the same rules?


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Amanda Bynes



Amanda Bynes has been ordered to check into a psychiatric facility after meeting with a judge over her conservatorship case amid her split from fiancé Paul Michael, according to multiple reports.

A source close to the situation told The Blast that a secret court hearing was held last Thursday, involving both Bynes’ parents and Michael.

Bynes’ parents — who have been her conservators since the actress entered rehab years ago for **** addiction and mental health issues — weren’t legally permitting her to marry Michael.

Bynes, 33, reportedly agreed to enter the facility at the time but is now refusing to go. Apparently, she was supposed to check into a live-in facility over the weekend but never followed through and is now refusing to cooperate.

The “She’s the Man” star and Michael broke up just weeks after announcing their engagement.



So why is Britney allowed to have a boyfriend and go on vacation with him? How is Britney's situation any different from Amanda's? We know Britney can be as impulsive and romantic... why aren't Sam and Brit engaged? 

Is Sam somehow trained to take care of Britney? Is he more of a nanny than a boyfriend?

Does he really love her?

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Yes, this seems like rambling but keep in mind that Amanda Byne's is the only other famous conservatorship of a female celebrity we have around and with which we can draw comparisons. Look how Amanda is allowed to go to court and petition for stuff to be changed. Is Britney allowed to do that? I mean, Amanda Bynes seems more erratic than Britney, according to the media. Britney may dress or wear make-up you don't like, and surely there's more to the story than we know but she does seem stable.

Why isn't Britney free?



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I think its the same rules, but Amanda does not have kids so its easier for her to break the rules sometimes. While Britney will be threatened to lose custody and her kids.

I think her past boyfriends were chosen for her, but she is the one who liked Sam. Im almost 100% sure Sam would have to sign legal papers before getting into a relationship with Britney, and its all controlled by her conservator.

We have seen evidence that Amanda did not do good when she ended her conservatorship the first time. But we have never seen Britney have that chance. We actually seen her getting better when she stopped medication before the Glory era.

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