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Madonna cancels final Madame X shows

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5 minutes ago, IUSM said:

It's in 4 months, I doubt they will keep cancelling events for weeks.

Kelis was great, even though her set was a bit short for my taste. But tickets were only €29 and I was 10 meters away from her, so it was a real bargain!


Yeah I hope so. Hopefully it will have died down by then.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Kelis! €29 is incredibly cheap haha!

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On 3/9/2020 at 1:07 PM, GimmeBritney320 said:

Should've been done months ago. I'll say this, I have been a lifelong Madonna fan since the day I was born, but this whole tour/era has left a bad taste in my mouth and many fans. Maybe because it affected me personally but I can't help but look at her differently now. We had tickets to see Madame X in Miami her last night and spent a ton of money on travel and tickets. She canceled literally an hour before the show. No reason was given/no statement from her. She posted like five days later saying she was in extreme pain and could barely finish the show the night before ours. Now I completely understand she is human and sickness and injuries absolutely happen, but there is just zero excuse to cancel on fans an hour before a show unless there is like a death in the family. If she could barely make it through the previous show, then she knew she could not perform way before an hour before showtime. Also, no apology or reason was given for several days. No I don't expect a personal apology from her, but honestly IT IS personal to us fans who spend our hard earned money that make nowhere near what Madonna makes even for a single show. We saved and saved and I would feel totally sympathetic for her even if she had canceled a few hours before but to wait until the last minute when we were already headed to the venue is just so disrespectful I can't forgive it. She has treated this tour as "I'll go on if I feel like it or is my body can handle it" night by night basis. I'm sorry but that is not how you treat fans or work in general. If you can not handle a tour simply do not do it or cancel the whole thing. Not to mention what a complete *** she is for making ppl wait hours and hours. And then her condescending responses such as "this show isn't for you"...please. She's lost all touch with reality and is obviously surrounded by kiss ***** now. It;s especially disappointing because she's incredibly preachy in her show and on her social media about being kind and a better person blah blah blah...it's obviously all horse ****. She can't even treat her die hard fans with gratitude yet she preaches to us about it. I've loved her so much but she's done. 

Damn I'm sorry to hear this! Super not cool of her, I agree.

I hope in time she can make it up to fans and hopefully you'll have a change of heart. 

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On 3/9/2020 at 2:15 PM, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

Unfortunate news, hopefully some kind of show or broadcast will be released. I haven’t seen any videos of the concert, so it would be nice if she continues her live releases like she’s done since Confessions. 

I hope she releases something too, because the no-phones thing made it so most people don't really know how the show was (her intention). IDK this era just seemed messy. 

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The Madame X era made me look to Madonna with different eyes.. it’s very sad the way she did things up, she could've handle everything in a better way. She has always been very confident and sometimes arrogant, but at Madame X Tour this type of behavior did not fit well.. she created this whole intimate show for the fans and then treated everyone with so much superiority.. I found all of this really sad, I hope she rest well and comeback when she’s really willing to do something great. overitkbye.gif

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I don’t understand why Madonna does this mess to her fanbase, they’ve been loyal af for decades. 

She should quit touring her body is not the same anymore, she needs to understand it.

her fans as well should request for a long deserved hiatus. She’s a ******* icon she doesn’t need to prove anything anymore.


she should focus to live the rest of her life in peace. 

She loves touring but enough is enough. 

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