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Amanda Bynes ends engagement after three weeks

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Amanda Bynes has gone through a lot over the past several years. It appears she's in a better place than she was, but things still seem pretty rocky for her.

She was apparently dating a guy named Paul Michael for a little while. They were engaged (he reportedly bought her $49 engagement ring off Amazon), but after three weeks they split.

Amanda is in a conservatorship. Her parents are her conservators. They were not going to allow this marriage to happen anyway. 

Conservatorships are obviously a hot topic on Exhale. What do you guys think? :wontcry:


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I miss Amanda. I enjoyed her work as an actress...especially Sidney White. The face tattoo, the nose ring, ... she definitely lost touch with reality. However, people should be allowed to make mistakes as long as they don't harm anyone...I don't see why they need conservators. If I look back on my teenage years, I would have gotten conservators as well if I were famous...that makes me sad cause they can't learn from their mistakes..

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Amanda Bynes has been ordered to check into a psychiatric facility after meeting with a judge over her conservatorship case amid her split from fiancé Paul Michael, according to multiple reports.



A source close to the situation told The Blast that a secret court hearing was held last Thursday, involving both Bynes’ parents and Michael.

Bynes’ parents — who have been her conservators since the actress entered rehab years ago for drug addiction and mental health issues — weren’t legally permitting her to marry Michael.
Bynes, 33, reportedly agreed to enter the facility at the time but is now refusing to go. Apparently, she was supposed to check into a live-in facility over the weekend but never followed through and is now refusing to cooperate.



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