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Happy International Women's Day! What's your favorite anthem by a female artist?

Jordan Miller

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Gratz to all the ladies of Exhale! :nynod: Gaga is just too good at writing anthems so I had to pick this one:

(not an official MV)

This song is absolutely beautiful. It's a masterpiece. The production. The instrumentation. IT FEATURES A HARP! A FREAKING HARP! The vocals. The message. A feature that feels like an ACTUAL duet. MASTERPIECE! :katybelt:

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i <3 BTW but isn't it more of a queer anthem? (not that there isn't obvious overlap, but the focus i mean) tbh for gaga, i think dance in the dark is maybe her best feminist song (that i can think of off the top of my head). i like that it's subtle too esp when a lot of "feminist" feel drained of genuinity by it being a "trendy" thing female musicians are pushed to do, it's sad

one of my favs is a song by sheryl crow from the 90's called "hard to make a stand". it's not just about women, but the second verse is & is a really cleverly written bit about ******** rights. i particularly like that ******** is referred to as "take care of her own body" because it's a little difference in wording that does matter imo! also, a lot of the early feminist anthems are found among female artists from underprivileged areas, so black women (you would find in olddddd blues like, old, 1930s old) and women from areas like appalachia (which was v important in creating country music back in the 50s and 60s), they often bucked social conventions and wrote feminist anthems when it was v taboo for women to do so.

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3 hours ago, One More Time said:

Yesterday my father death treated my mom with an ax 




3 hours ago, One More Time said:

So I did call the police. But she did not make a criminal complaint against him.


I was furious and I started a physical fight with my dad several times 



3 hours ago, One More Time said:

This has been happening since my childhood 


Whew chile are you and your mom okay?!? :disbelief:

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