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PCD's Interview & Performance on Live On Sunrise


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The Dolls seem way more friendly with each other now than in previous interviews. IDK if it's genuine or not, but I'm here for it. They once again slayed their performances. I know these happened days ago, but I thought I'd post these videos to see what are your REACTions. 





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14 minutes ago, MidnightCarlisy said:

Love Love Love them + they haven't aged at all they look gooood. Britney stan spotted on the Don't Cha performance at 1:11 he's cute.

OMG yaaas I already love the Dolls but then I saw the Britney stan and I was awarded an extra yaaaaas! 

Image result for yaaas gif

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that guy in a Britney shirt :clap:

Nicole seemd off singing react. from the begining she felt like out of breathe or smth. she starts really low and slow-and the song is really not a ballad to show her singing skills trying to oversing herself. it was ok as whole. also i don't like the way they filmed the crowd then girls were actually dancing. do we really need to see ppls hands instead of dancebreak.


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1 minute ago, JordanMiller said:

Ughhh I just noticed this.

We had to integrate profanity filters in order to comply with Google's stricter terms. Looks like on Exhale they gotta be known as The Dolls now :queenie:

They even made me change members' usernames to exclude the word. smh 

Aww, well if it's because of the Google's terms then it's fine! But "The Dolls" tho :gloria:

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