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Do you believe in the "coming out" thing ?


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I've never come out. I just casually say that i don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, that this is my type of girl or that i find this girl hot. Some people act surprised but I just act like nothing happened, because nothing's actually happening. Like the OP said, I've always felt this way and there's no need for me to talk about my ***ual orientation as if it was some kind of condition or something. I understand it's not like this for everyone, but it's the way i always lived my bi***uality. 

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If you don’t have to come out because you are flamboyant/open/ or simply dgaf- that is a privilege. Many people have had to hide who they are, whether it is for their safety, acceptance, fear, etc... so “Coming Out” is actually a big deal for a lot of people. It 100% means not living a lie anymore and living for yourself. and it could also mean giving up absolutely everything. Again, if you don’t/never felt the need to come out, I’m happy for you, I’m sure it would be a great feeling, but it’s a privilege you have! This might have to do with where you live too... speaking from my own perspective- I’m Latin/Hispanic and from Colorado originally.  Some Latin cultures are well-known for their “machismo” or being a manly-man and being gay isn’t always supported or looked on too kindly. Growing up, watching TV or movies with family or friends when anything gay or queer came on there was always someone saying “Ew” or “Gross”... this only pushes people further into the closet, suppressing who they are even more. And In school, bullying was the worst... I literally had dirty underwear from the side of the street thrown at me and called a *****t (probably for liking the Spice Girls or Britney...I was 13 and I was only into music at the time, not dating boys OR girls). I used to try to hide all the things about myself that I should have always loved and let shine. Eventually I didn’t even get the chance to come out... my sister had assumed also, and went and told EVERYONE I was gay because she was mad at me over something stupid I’m sure. So I was thrown out of the closet, on my face, by someone who was supposed to have my best interests at heart. I know I’ve lost “friends” over it, and that’s just how it is. But the few times I was able to come out to a few people officially really gave me back some of the power people were always trying to take from me. I got to reclaim my narrative, and turn it into a positive, not something bad that I should be shamed for. I’m not trying to come for anyone in this post, or invalidate any other opinions. I just wanted to share my input, because being able to come out and be accepted is something our community has LOOONG fought for, and it shouldn’t be taken so lightly. This is what Pride parades represent. Yeah, there’s hot half naked men everywhere, but that’s just scraping the surface of who we are as a community. We fought for the right to rock a harness or a pair or stilettos at a f#@king public parade during the day. We are far from a world where being gay or gender-fluid doesn’t matter and it’s just as “regular” or “normal” as being straight or cis. Sorry for the novella. 
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Idk because I like it's a right of passage for us. I'm an older gay man and I'm happy that LGBTQ is getting normalized but it was only a few years ago pre-GLEE that it wasn't safe to be free. 

On the other hand ***uality is becoming so just normal so there is like no need for it. It's really something that we turned into a positive because we were being ostracized and hated. Not something I wanted to do but something that freed me.

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I think I wanna come out to a certain group of people like my family one day because they tend to choose to believe that I’m not gay and they would rather live in their own reality so i want to be straight forward with them one day when I have gathered enough courage.

but with friends or acquaintances I don’t mind telling them a little about my love life or something like that. They just usually pick it up from my dating stories that I’m gay without having to tell them! 

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