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Introduce Exhalers To New Music


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Art is a universal language that we all speak and understand, and music is an art form which we all enjoy no matter who we are or what background we have.

In this thread let's share music that we want other Exhalers to try and listen to. Be it an indie singer, a pop-star's b-side that you think is underrated or artists who are from different parts of the world.

To start this off, I'd like to introduce Namie Amuro, the amazing performer and Queen of Jpop, known for her colorful styles and always trying to reinvent herself and produce something new to her fans. And personally, she means a lot to me as she is one of those artists who made a direct and real impact into my life

Hands On Me - Namie Amuro (TLC appear in this video as cameo):

Fast Car - Namie Amuro (I really love the choreography of this one, she always has been creative with her work):

Only You - Namie Amuro (this one is in English, and those lyrics though <3):

let's go, Exhalers, show us what you got and let us refresh our playlists :jumpney:


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I was driving and this song just played and I thought I have to share it for its massage (turn on the subtitles).

Jolin here took a dangerous step to fight for women, LGBT and kids rights in her home country with Womxnly where the X draw the line between Womenly and Manly.

The music video shows men running, hiding their faces to hide who they are as Jolin says "Who put the wrong souls, into the wrong bodies, and turn those bodies into self-imprisoning jail". the video also shows struggle of a guy trying to break free but the society hold him back, and women hide in shame for trying to be who they are, Jolin acts as a savior and try to free one of the men and one of the women who reveal themselves  and dance despite the society ignoring them.

In the second part, it shows that even when you are free, people can't find harmony on what they want, as they are trapped in judging each other, which is portrayed in the chaotic and random dancing showing confusion even among themselves. But at the end, everyone would find the path, and end up in harmony as they dance together happily to show what acceptance is all about.

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This isn't new music, actually it came out almost 25 years ago lol but I grew up with it and I bet it's unknown to everyone outside of Mexico / Latin America

She's Fey, kinda like the Mexican Britney, even though she came out before Britney :P This is her second album, which would be like her Oops, and actually the one she still performs the most more than 20 years later (it's a playlist)


And I also grew up with Onda Vaselina, which later changed names to OV7, and now they'll be touring this year to celebrate their 30th anniversary (though it's gonna be their 31st anniversary in reality, because last year they were on another tour and one of the members had a baby)


To this day I still listen to all that music, and a lot more from the 90s / 00s but yeah, these two artists, along with Shakira, Kabah, Lynda, etc, were like my first contact to music, this is like the first music I ever listened to, and that kinda led me to later get to know (and like) Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and ultimately, Britney Spears when she came out in 1998. I was very little, but it was thanks to my older cousins that I literally grew up listening to pop music.



Here they are in something more recent, from the 90's Pop Tour which ended last year


and Fey inevitably falling for the reggaeton trend two years ago, her latest single


and both Fey and OV7 performing together at the 90's Pop Tour


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Another clip of Fey ft. Oscar (from OV7)


btw, I think she looks better than ever nowadays. She's currently 46 years old (she was 44 in that video). Follow her on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fey/

she's not doing much these days, she left the 90's Pop Tour to tour solo, but it flopped. For years she's gone the indie route, and it just hasn't worked for her, but she insists in not being under a record label. She only went back to her label briefly when she came back in 2012 with her acoustic album, but moved out after the promo ended.

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8 hours ago, iAlwaysSingLive said:

I've had Gabrielle Aplin's new album on repeat these past few days:

It's incredible. Literally EVERY song is amazing. :madance:

Loving loving loving her voice, it's very low pitched and unique, I'm so adding her in my playlist :runga:


8 hours ago, holditagainstbritney said:

I would recommend I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. They’re a two piece band consisting of Dallon Weekes (formerly in Panic! At The Disco) and Ryan Seaman (formerly in Falling in Reverse).  They released an EP in 2018 and they just finished recording their debut album.


They have a unique groove, loving the video feel and how it is natural.


3 hours ago, Alxatc said:

this song is so chill and pleasant 

THANK YOU Alxatc, I've been listening to this on repeat for the past hour, seriously loving it  :yasqueen: 

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2 hours ago, JordanMiller said:

Love this! I get kinda stuck in the mainstream stuff so I'd love to expand my horizons. Am bopping to some of these right now. Amuro Namie :letitburn:

You can't just get enough of her :crying1:

Only You is one of my all time favorite songs

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2 hours ago, Aizmov said:

Loving loving loving her voice, it's very low pitched and unique, I'm so adding her in my playlist :runga:


They have a unique groove, loving the video feel and how it is natural.


THANK YOU Alxatc, I've been listening to this on repeat for the past hour, seriously loving it  :yasqueen: 

Yay!! I'm so happy you love it like I do! ezgif-3-0600976ba71c.gif

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