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Britney says she regrets her dice tattoo, wants no mind games

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6 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

never been a fan of her dice tattoo though lol it looks very bad, the kiss one is better

Honesty, I liked it before. Like, during the ITZ-Chaotic era cause that was when I was still living in the fantasy that she and Kevin were a match made in heaven. But ever since they broke up, it annoys me that it's a Kevin tattoo cause remember Kevin has one too only it's blue. Just seeing it makes me cringe. :ehidk:

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16 minutes ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

Someone on Twitter made an interesting point: the dice tattoo was done with k-fed 

Is it shade thrown at k-fed? 

Sometime else said it's probably that cuz why is she posting weird *** poses wirh Sam and saying how much she loves him. 

Tbh you do have a good point, I always thought part of her MIGHT regret that tattoo because it was something she had done with her ex-husband.

But to say you don't like tattoos at all? Girl you have so many and have had them for years!

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My two sense worth...

The tanning beds and sun are destroying her skin.  The raccoon eyes MUST go.  
Mind games? She  doesn’t like ink?  Am I missing something here?  Britney  has  several  tattoos  on her body.  The entire world saw her get one in 2007. 

Britney  is the “ MASTER” of mind  games....  she told us that  she needs “personal” tine  off to work on her self  and take care of her family,  (which is fine)  yet she’s all over instagram.  

Perhaps she is trying to tell us that we are “wasting “ our time following her,  or  it’s all a bunch of crap just to keep us talking about her. 

Regardless..... It’s messed up.
I wish Britney would stop with  the BS  and start being straight with  us. 

I’m sorry for saying this......   I’m   embarrassed  to  admit  that I’m a Britney fan.  

It just goes to show you that  money “CAN’T“ buy happiness. 

This  is very  sad to watch...... 


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Where is her mother!? Where is her sister!? Where is anyone who cares about this woman (Not looking at you Sam)!?

Seriously just look at her...she looks miserable...these captions/stories/posts make no sense...

It is a sad sad time to be someone who loves Britney and even sadder for Britney herself...as a fan since day one I feel like this time in Britney's life is even worse than 2007 era. Worse in the sense that we literally have no clue what's happening and no way of getting through to her or anyone that isn't on her payroll. Gahhh I feel hopeless about this. I don't even see a shell of the former Britney anymore. She looks so miserable and lost. 

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