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Britney says she regrets her dice tattoo, wants no mind games

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27 minutes ago, ubritney said:


WHAT is going on y’all!?

Can this be moved to the Britney Spears forum please?


24 minutes ago, nthenwkiss said:

And she adds “she doesn’t like ink” and I’m like... you have several tattoos.

She doesn't like tattoos yet she put on multiple fake ones for the promotional Breathe on Me video on her Instagram and was even spotted wearing them in a few candids back then...

Plus remember that time she was spotted with one on her neck in 2010 too, funny how around that time she was looking forward to having more freedom aswell

Resultado de imagen de britney spears neck tattoo

I'm sorry but this goes to show that while she may have a say on what pictures get uploaded and / or deleted on her Instagram page, the captions are clearly written by her social media handler

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3 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

It's like she's really a different person now who has no recollection whatsover of her peak-Britney greatness or anything that transpired during those times. Like, girl the dice tattoo isn't even your first tattoo. Before you regret that, you might want to regret that fairy on your lower back first:bcutelaugh:

I just don’t get it... She deleted the previous post and just did a repost too.



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