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Do you think new Britney music is coming? When?

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This is the longest we have gone without new music. Its been one of the driest and boring times in pop music. Without Britney and people like Rihanna releasing music its pretty boring. I love Bey but she needs to stop being so darn serious. 

IDK where Brits career stands now. On one hand she was placed in a 5150, delivered womanizer, circus, documentary and began touring all within 14 months. So its hard to count her out.

On the other hand...I am getting a sense that if she remains in this conservatorship she won’t be working at will. I will be shocked to see if we get any new music this year. Most have already written her off...

If she does release new music and its under Britney and Co. and not BRITNEY I wont be supporting it. The conservatorship won’t take my stan card but I won’t be stanning anything beyond Glory if shes still under this awful conservatorship. If you are a true fan you should consider doing the same. 

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