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Did Britney post and then delete a picture with a book about ****** assault?

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3 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

I don't know if I've reached conspiracy theory level of overthinking but I'm starting to think this Britney's entire life has been changed by some form of abuse by her father.... 
...and I mean this in more than just the conservatorship abuse, I mean something that stems back to Britney before or when she first got famous, and in her father's head, everything was only a matter of time before Britney came out publically against him, and every surfaced in her in 2007 which gave him a reason to start getting a conversatorship.

I don't know, its an opinion, but I mean the whole conversation has been about how her father 'saved' her, what he was when they were younger was desribed as horrible, and then he meets lou and is getting rebaptised? 

I hope i'm just over thinking.

Well he was a massive alcoholic most of Britney's childhood. She was the bread winner, so maybe he would get wasted and take out his insecurities on her. I hate to think there could be more abuse from an alcoholic rage...

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3 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

They're trying to explain her injury, explain her disappearance, explain her reason for not supporting the zone, prove she's not locked in her house and is definitely in control of her socials, loves performing, is enjoying normal freedoms and is still superfit....

....and something doesn't add up.

Wow, you explained this better with words than her team with all those old and random posts... #Mess :badthoughts:

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4 minutes ago, Born2Die said:

Well he was a massive alcoholic most of Britney's childhood. She was the bread winner, so maybe he would get wasted and take out his insecurities on her. I hate to think there could be more abuse from an alcoholic rage...

It wouldn't surprise me.

Jamie has a restraining order against him and can't see Britney and Kevin's sons due to the altercation.

Jamie pulled out a gun on fans that went to Kentwood to see Britney's child hood home.

Jamie lashed out verbally at the paps in his vehicle because they were asking him questions.

Jamie has went to far to file for Conservator ship over Britney in many other states.

This doesn't sound like a man that's willing to let his daughter go.

Whether it's for financial reasons, control reasons or genuine worry reasons it seems like Jamie doesn't ever want this C Ship to end.

Also Courtney Love came out publicly to accuse Jamie of ****** abuse on Britney, strange he didn't sue Courtney, but will sue fans, the *** abuse allegations are damaging and if not true shocking Jamie didn't go nuts over these alleged accusations.


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14 hours ago, Fudgeney said:

You have to remember she was probably reading this 2 years ago since thats when the pictures are from


14 hours ago, Fenixxx123 said:

But aren't those old pictures?


12 hours ago, Watch Me Work It said:

the last video on the beach? it's old. it's from January 2018

unless she came back to the same spot with the same clothes


:bieber:Girls the book was released march 12, 2019

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On 2/27/2020 at 6:52 PM, Intheblue said:

She probably has had such a horrible life. I definitely think she has been assaulted throughout her life . The bubble we lived in was officially shattered last year . I don’t look at her nor her career in the same light . I think she is truly a victim and sacrificed so much of herself for this industry . I love her for the sake that I grew up with her and she inspired me and influenced me but I don’t think any of us can comprehend what she’s endured . The poor girl ... I wish they would just call it a wrap . Her brand after 21 years of being a fan has unraveled in my mind . Everything seems fake now and the fact that her team treats us like the same naive kids we were back then is shameful . Courtney Love accused Jamie of a lot ... and I do believe they did something to Britney’s brain in 2008 . One day I hope the truth comes out and it shakes the industry . She will forever be a victim in my mind . 

I agree in terms of everything just seems so fake.

The music, the rare interviews, it's like Britney isn't that kind of artist that can call the shots on her music and career and seems to need approval on everything.

At this point I wonder if this woman can take a **** in peace.

There's something very strange about this Conservatorship it's like Britney is being milked for every dime that can be cranked out of her, yet can't spend her money how she wants or employ whom she wants.

It's very sad, I know many didn't think this would be going on over a decade, Britney literally lost a huge part of her youth and life from her mid 20's to now nearing her 40's.

That is such a long time to lose that period in her life to be like every other American and live her life how she wants too.



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