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I know I'm reaching but there's clearly a pattern


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First and foremost I would like to say that as always it's hard to discuss this subject without knowing which stand should we really take. This thread is not about the specifics of her medication. I'm only bringing this up because it's common knowledge that after the conservatorship was put in place she's been on and off taking different kinds of medication. Furthermore this thread is not for discussing what type of illness she may or may not have or if she's being forced to take or not said medication. While we are, and I can't stress this enough, not entitled to know her medical record I do think there's room for conversation on how this medication might be negatively affecting her

With that out of the way if any moderator find this topic inappropriate, they are free to block this thread

As multiple people have pointed out in just a few days it will be 9 years since this happened

Now, even though we all know her voice is naturally deep this really was the first time we ever heard her talk this deeply. This was also around the time she was interviewed for the I Am the Femme Fatale documentary and her voice also sounds just the same

Again I'm clearly reaching here but I think it's too coincidental that now that we're approaching the time period when this first happened her voice sounds just like it did back then

Is there any chance that they might be giving her the same medication and that's why she's using the same deep voice again? And if so, what kind of effects might it have on her in the long run this time around?

Yet again I'm sorry if this entire post reeks of entitlement I know that this doesn't justify this type of destructive behaviour but I'm really worried for her well being  and I'm afraid 2020 might be 2010 all over again for her as in being exceedingly depressed by the conservatorship staying in place and potentially being on abrasive medication

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ok so just speaking on her voice only. I'm a girl. My normal, i'm comfortable with you, voice is deep. however my anxiety, or trying to sound cute/flirty, customer service voice is higher. We all know her earlier singing voice is a lot deeper than the baby voice. Maybe she does the same thing with her speaking voice. I've been on pills here and  there through out my life and they never really effected my voice. maybe a lil horse if they did. 

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It makes me think of Paris Hilton who just stopped using her « high » voice to talk with a more deep natural one. Don’t think it has to do with medication it feels like she has a cold or she’s a bit tired. 

I work with « mentally ill » people and I never heard or seen a treatment that change the pitch of the voice. 

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Meds don't change ur voice. It's just possible like the member above said, that the individual just stopped using a baby voice. 

Someone (I think on Twitter? FB?) said Amanda Bynes doesn't sound the same anymore.................... Yeah cuz we all associate her to be the 14 yr old from the Amanda Show where her voice is squeaky and high. She's 33 and of course, she won't use that voice. 

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am I the only one that thinks her voice sounds completely normal in that recent IG post? I don't hear what everyone else hears, and it sounds nothing like what it did in that 2011 ad.

am I missing something?? she seems animated and alive in that recent IG post to me. ok she looks a bit tired but her foot is probably keeping her up all night. I do hear what everyone else hears on the videos from FF era, her voice was definitely deep then and she did look drugged up on medication. But she looks and sounds perfectly normal to me in her recent IG post 

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