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Who has been powerful enough to make you leave Britney?

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On 3/4/2020 at 11:32 AM, rodrigobjs said:

I got emotional writing this crying1.gif

jayden/preston if youre reading this please tell your mom that i love her so much crying1.gif

Do u know there was a poster here that some people thought it was Jayden? Lol 

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I never stoped caring for Britney, never once. But I had fases with other singers like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, GaGa, Lana, Ariana and now a mix o current pop music like Harry, Dua, Abel, Sam Smith, Puth..  stuff like that. 

I still listen to Britney almost every day, but since theres lack of new bops I jump to other playlists of my rather quick.

But straight foward abadon Britney? Not in a million years! Im here am I not? :oprah:

And just to remind yall...




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i dont really care about "new bops" or anything of the sort right now, but probably there will never be other artist or human being that moves me as much as she does... She is an angel to me and my biggest inspiration and the first person i think when i think of strength, kindness and positivity. I think she is an amazing artist, writes amazing pieces, plays the piano, has a beautiful beautiful voice, dances like no other in the game and just sends these good and pieceful vibes to the world. No one has her energy and we've been together since i was a lil ***** and after i became a big ***** and no other artist will have the same impact in my life ever. Will never ever leave her and after this ****show ends and she comes back with another music era I will make my priority in life to live it and support it to the fullest because i know how lucky we will be to have her back after all shes been through and i'll praise her for whatever way she wants to make and present her art to the world again. :tear:


I live for Gaga and Ariana Grande tho :wigsnatched:

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1 minute ago, EasyThere said:

No one ngl.

Even though there were times I was thinking of jumping ship.


Atm I am really into Miley pop girls wise.

And into a  rock music from EXJU ( aka from Yugoslavia era)

:yesplease: Yas Miley's new stuff has me in love.


And into a  rock music from EXJU ( aka from Yugoslavia era) 

What is that ? I love rock music too. I'm looking it up on YT but I don't find it.

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<<<Magic Begins at Midnight>>> 

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 Britney will forever be in my heart. She’s the one who introduced me to Pop Culture. To me she’s the Queen of all Queens because no one did it so effortlessly like her! That’s why I will proudly say that Madonna is a try hard in comparison to Britney! Pop music means Britney and no one will ever change my mind! The fact that Toxic out impacted everyone and their mother and these peasants who stan Beyonce on this forum can kiss my Disney!:shameless:

I also love, love, love Nicki. Ofc I know her since her debut, but I started to stan her in 2018 when she received a lot of hate!! For what? These false narratives have been made up to get rid of a talented BLACK QUEEN! I stan with the truth and for me to change my mind about her they will have to come up with PROOFS that she’s an angry black woman! Moreover, I’m European and I didn’t even know the existence of the genre ‘female rap’ before Nicki. All in all I stan the most talented female rapper that ever graced planet earth! The one who made the genre popular all over the globe! :shameless:

I so love this thread! :shameless:

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9 minutes ago, EasyThere said:

It's a classic rock pop music from my country. Balkans used to be called Yugoslavia. From Bijelo Dugme,Zana,Plavi Orkestar,Crvena Jabuka,Magazin,Galia,Galia,Smak etc.



And yaaaas Mileys new stuff is everything 

Thx for sharing I'm gonna check them out :barbie:

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<<<Magic Begins at Midnight>>> 

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37 minutes ago, Towelney said:

@Blackout2006 Tell Britney we say hi :jl:


33 minutes ago, Blackout2006 said:

That’s me :mariahstare:

This rumor is still on-going? :mariahstare:

Lol its not @Blackout2006 at all lol this rumour was even outside exhale for some reason. It was a poster that only posted a few times and only about Britney the person, her problems amid FreeBritney last year. Some people compared to the way Jayden used to write on his former Instagram page and kinda matched. The poster also used a nickname that Jayden used to use. Ofc it could be a troll but there were some coincidences lol 


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