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Your opinion on "S&M" (featuring Britney)?

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So once upon a time when Rihanna used to make pop perfection she released a song named s&m. It was huge hit but never achieved the top spot in billboard 100 so RiRi called our girl Britney and she recorded some vocals and together they ditched Katy's E.T. and Britney got her second #1 in billboard 100 that year :demi:  We also got this performance with 2011'ney tea :deadbanana:

But what are your opinions about this track. For me it's somewhere between Pretty Flops and Ooh La La for her most forgettable singles :raven:

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I think Britney has a lot of attitude in her performance and you can tell she's really digging it. She always enjoyed singing other people's songs. 🌟

However, I prefer the original because I feel like Britney kind of disrupts the overall mood of the song. And her voice is... you know.

But whenever I talk about the song or have a discussion about it with other people and casual fans, I always refer to and brag about the Remix because you know, in a way that's how I trick locals that Britney is the sh-t and that she's cool, Rihanna wanted her on the song and that she took the song to number one. :haha: 

The Remix is also the version that I share on my Instagram stories even when I'm actually listening to the original. Just to let more people know that she has a song with Riri and that she's cool and hip and still relevant. TEEHEE❤❤❤

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i like it like it.

Though I often wonder how 2016ney would've handled the Billboard performance with RiRi.

:xfactorlook: Wait - can you picture 2016ney in 2011 altogether, with the FF album and tour?? :wow: 

Lord have mercy, 2016 Brit would've slayed, buried, and brought back to life that Boys performance with the Arabian theme.  :nochillbrit:

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26 minutes ago, Stannedforever said:

:joanne: I forgot this rehearsal video exists 

Okay, this footage doesn't help my argument that she is better in rehearsals... Brit's total output in this video is about as equal to the one from the leaked rehearsal of Gimme More. The final performances on both Billboard and the VMAs look almost identical to how she rehearsed them. But in my defense, these are still stage-rehearsals. Not the dance studio, where I argue she is considerably stronger. 

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I was actually listening to it yesterday. I genuinely like the remix more than the original that, as someone else alredy pointed out, doesn't have a second verse. I love Britney's verse and their back and forth on the last chorus. Her voice doesn't sound very good but it is what it is. :bedtime:

Now the performance...This is probably one of her best performances during the FF era and that's not a compliment. Although i liked it back in 2011, her lip-synching really stands out in a bad way. We were really hyped though, like when she came out with her mask on, I was like "Yes *****, gag and choke me" and she looked great.

A music video would have been iconic and I would love if each of them would make a guest appearance in the other's tour, to perform the song together.

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