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Katy Perry drops album title track "Smile"

Jordan Miller

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5 minutes ago, sullivanSP said:

Omg the song isn’t a single is it ? It’s so basic. I’m pretty sure it’s just the title track of the album; 

Overall thoughts... it’s dated, boring and repetitive. No one is going to eat this up. 

its the second single off the album after the lead - daisies.

the song is absolutely no for me.

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It’s actually better than I expected. From past releases I only liked Harleys in Hawaii(scratch that, I love this song). So I’ll bop to “Smile” till I get over it:jl:


I never understood the love for never really over. It s so overrated imo


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10 hours ago, LetsRoll said:

I had high expentations for this era but it's going all down.

1) I don't understand while the record is called Smile (there should be something more original than name it after song that has been rumored for a very long time)

2) She's constantly dropping songs and that means general public isn't excited for her

3) She's including some one year old songs on the record (probably to boost sales because NRO was the best and will be the best from the record)

4) She should change her hair colour to Black because GP isn't interested in blonde Katy

5) She should have a baby and then focus on album (She had time to delay the album knowing the current situation in the world)

This will flop harder than Witness:jj:

Even Britney's team is better with promo than Katy's :haha:


1) The record is called Smile because it's about Katy getting her smile back after the depression episode she went through from all the hate and backlash of Witness era. Also why she appears sad in the cover to portray that she was forced to smile through the past years but "now she got back that smile".

2) Her fans are happy that she's dropping songs. And that should be what matters.

3) She has said that the past few songs she's released has been experimental for her to find the sound fit for her next album based on fan reception. Fans reacted most positively to NRO and Harley's In Hawaii, the latter of which is also included although it was a flop and in no way adds to the sales of the album.

4) Her natural hair is sandy blonde, and dying it during this time would mean harmful for the baby. Besides, she should keep her hair however she feels comfortable with.

5) Even before Daisies came out, she had said that the initial plan was 2021, but then she felt like the music should not stop so she's releasing songs with uplifting messages to help atleast some people through the whole debacle.

Aaaaand yes I agree with you on the last thing. Even Britney's team is better with promo.


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10 hours ago, xfactorsam said:

Yeah Im thankful. Scratch that baby, Im grateful P. Diddy got axed from the song. :jj:

His part was so annoying :ugh:

Its sounds so much better without him. Literally thankful for this new version. :katycream:

But where is the music video? :lessons:

 I thought she'd be parading around in that "outstanding" new clown costume of hers :snarky:


I thought I was the only one who liked the solo version more :makeitrain: And yeah it's such a bop with the final buildup after the bridge!

She has shot the music video according to a recent interview and it'll be out soon! :blast:

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46 minutes ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

I thought I was the only one who liked the solo version more :makeitrain: And yeah it's such a bop with the final buildup after the bridge!

She has shot the music video according to a recent interview and it'll be out soon! :blast:

You are not alone baby. And yay thats great cant wait for the music video :letitburn:

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Her chart-topping days are over sadly. So if Smile flops (and it will), it's not because it's a terrible song compared to her previous releases.

It's only downhill for her from Witness on, so next album is gonna flop harder than Smile.

I hope that she truly understands it and still releases music for her fans because NRO, HiH and Smile are still fun.

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Damn... it’s repetitive.  Like all her recent songs.  She needs more progression.  It’s just droning on the same 2 notes. Evolve the melody a little with some interesting twists and turns.  

We are rooting for you Katy. It’s not over for you.  Just have your baby, change your hair, and start again, this time with the best song writers and producers your idol money can buy.  Go out of pocket if you have to, because clearly your label no longer has the budget to support you.  This just isn’t it.  Not even going to chart.  It’s abysmal. 

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