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Normani faces backlash for tragic performance at the NBA All-Star pregame concert

Jordan Miller

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I really root for Normani, so this situation is a tad disconcerting. 

Normani performed at the AT&T pre-game show, and appeared to have vocal issues. 

She forgot the backing vocals to "Motivation," sounded super out of breath at times and sang off-key. There's buzz something was wrong with her in-ear monitors, but despite that she carried on. The entire performance was a disaster though. Her team ended up pulling the official videos off YouTube (including the NBA's channel).


Normani fans started harassing her choreographer, who responded with a note in an Insta story (posted towards the bottom). Normani herself also posted a cryptic response that read: "it's **** u forever"

Camila Cabello stans we see you :evilpatrick:



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1 hour ago, F r e e Brit said:

What she needs to do now is redirect all this energy around her and release amazing new music. Perform the hell out of it, like she's shown that she can, and she'll bounce right back up. 

This! I really root for her, and I know her vocal abillities, and Idk wjat is going on here but she can prove those haters wrong if she does sth right now! 

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The videos are super funny. The third one especially. :bcutelaugh: so why are the fans mad at the choreographer? And if you're really a good singer, you'll be able to sing without backing vocals and not be off key. Beyoncé can do it. Aren't they hyping her as the next Beyoncé? :britoverit: You see even Normani who they say "is that *****" relies on playback. Just like Britney. And these Gen Z stans who drag Britney... byeee :queenflopga:

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9 hours ago, Alex_1991 said:


I got a feeling that she will disappear

I honestly thought when Motivation came out, that she was gonna be EVERYWHERE and take over the pop scene for a bit, but she disappeared. She acts like she's on Beyonce level where she no longer needs to do talk show performances and interviews, and the whole promotion tours, to sell. Even Bey in the beginning of her solo career did the whole promotion thing.


It seems none of the remaining members of 5H have succeeded much after they announced their hiatus. I can see them coming back for another album in 2021

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Lmao that video of her asking them to "sing" . They couldn't be less invested. And tbh im not even trying to be an ******* but her songs sound like 2008 hip hop. 

It's sad though , because she looks up to Britney and i badly wanted a girl that incoporates dancing to her image so we can have the early 2000's back ( so britney can be motivated again , get it ? ). 

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First of all, kudos to her team for pulling the videos off the internet...but the internet is forever. 

Secondly,  I really don’t understand all the hate Normani gets. The racist posts about her on twitter are vile. She went from losing as a single contestant to losing with fifth harmony but still got a record deal & succeeded. Even after they failed she has prevailed as a solo artist. What do people want from her? She seems like a sweet heart in all of her interviews and speaks highly of everyone. Should she apologize for being confident? Should she not write her own songs and not be dedicated to her craft? 

Last, why do we need to pit female against female? I’m pretty sure Tinashe and Normani have praised each other. There can be more than one winning.

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I mean, i don't hate Normani. I don't. As a matter of a fact I liked Motivation and Dancing with a Stranger. But i just think she's overrated and doesn't deserve all the hype. Obvi, judging from this mess of a performance. Singing off key doesn't have anything to do with not having playback because Beyoncé can do it. And this just proves she's not the next Beyoncé. I just want everyone to dial it down a bit. I don't hate her. I love all popstars. I listen to all popstars. But i call bullsh1t when I see one. And this is full of it.

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