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Justin Bieber postpones all 2020 'Changes' tour dates

Jordan Miller

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Justin Bieber's Changes tour is officially on hold for the foreseeable future. :bcut:

Every date in 2020 is no longer. :katycry:

Obviously it's due to the Coronavirus. It's worth reminding you prior to the pandemic, the tour wasn't selling so well anyway. His stadium dates were downgraded to arenas. :alook:

Here's the official statement:


“In light of the current public health crisis, and with the deepest concern for all those being affected, Justin Bieber will be postponing all currently scheduled 2020 dates for The Changes Tour. While Justin — along with his band, dancers and crew — has been hard at work preparing an amazing show, he has always put the health and well-being of his fans first and foremost. Justin is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get back out on the road and perform in a space that is safe for everyone. He asks that fans hold on to their tickets, as they will be honored as soon as the dates are rescheduled. Information on rescheduled dates will be forthcoming soon.”

Below is the thread with information leading up to today's update.

I bet you Bieber is so relieved :makeup:




Tickets for Justin Bieber's Changes Tour went on sale, and it's tanking. :tiffanycries:

A bunch of the stadium dates were downgraded to arenas instead. 

Team JB is blaming the venue switch on the Coronavirus (to be fair, that is a legitimate global concern), but no doubt about it - ticket sales are disastrous. :receipts2:

Per TMZ: "Friday they announced stadium stops in Cleveland, Detroit, Arlington, Columbus and Nashville were canceled and moved to local arenas ... essentially cutting seat capacity in half."

So let me get this straight... due to Coronavirus Bieber will be moving from an open stadium, to a more enclosed/smaller venue? Because that'll stop the spread of the Cv. :nonoNO: 

The GP needs more than Bieber riding around on a skateboard and posing in underwear. I kinda feel bad for the guy. :katycry:

Adding insult to injury, his new album Changes plummeted in its second week of sales. 


The new album, “Changes,” sold 200,000 copies last week including streaming. This week, through yesterday, the number is 30,000, or an 85% drop off.

Even worse: “Changes” sold 127,000 actual CDs and paid downloads last week. In its second week, so far, the number is 5,400. That’s a 95% drop, for an average of 90%. - Showbiz411

Bieber is still immensely famous, but he hasn't aged well in terms of musical influence like some of his pop peers. 

Are YOU going to see Bieber on tour? If not... how come?




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I think he should have released this album without going on tour :nynod: instead he could have released a lot of singles from it and just give the album a "massive" promotion, like, Interviews, Televised performances etc... :checkit: Cause if he's gonna perform the way he performed at the SNL (he looked lazy, tired, his "dancing" was sloppy and forced :NYsassy:)

then he can keep it :begone:

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Now his stadium date in Columbus, OH was delayed.


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Changes to Justin Bieber's "Changes" tour are coming really soon.

Justin Bieber's Changes tour was scheduled to take place on August 8 at the Ohio Stadium but it appears the tour is delayed.

Ticketmaster said, "due to logistical production concerns, the public on-sale for the Justin Bieber concert on August 8 is being delayed."

Ditto for Washington, Tampa and Cleveland. :miley:

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i was watching his documentary the other day. he seemed genuinely interested in making music and it looked like he put a lot of work in it. but watching him having those meds and then that chamber with oxygene whatever they call it idk . it's just feels like it's a lot for him. and he keeps having treatment from the *****.  he has a therapist, brain doctor and etc. it's a lot.

he became famous really young and rich and at that point being so young and rich opens so many doors should've really kept closed. even with Britney she was 16 and famous. of course that affects on a person. i guess that is why Justin have all his anxiety and **** problems. but he and Hailey look very beatiful together. I hope she can help him go through whatever he goes through. i do think he is talented even if i never really was interested in his music. i also watched performances on snl and fallon. it wasn't really good but also it wasn't  worse perforpance i saw. it just felt like there is no passion.  but maybe bc he didn't perform for a while. with a tour i think it's a lot for him. but he might get better step by step. performing better and better just like Britney did  better with years of piece of me. Actually maybe he should do vegas....idk . it's just so popular now:bieber:. he just needs to show he is still capable of making good shows.

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He overestimates his star power.  He has enough obsessive fans to get "Yummy" to #2 thanks to the various formats you could buy the single in, but it didn't seem to be well--liked by most.  And he was doing a stadium tour?  That's a bit much.  Those are hard to sell out when you haven't released anything in a while.  He could've done that during peak Bieber fever but not now.  I don't doubt this will be cancelled if sales for the album aren't good and tickets don't sell.  He should've stuck with the sound that he's good with and that suits his voice better.  Also, I will not stop complaining about that awful stache until it's gone!

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  • 2 weeks later...


Honestly though, Justin and his team are delusional if they really thought they’d be selling out stadiums with mediocre music, music videos, and performances. 

He chose to make appearances with that ****-stache and his disheveled hair and clothing and it turns an audience off.

The tour will be cancelled and blamed on XYZ and maybe it’s best for Justin because he doesn’t seem ready for a strenuous tour again after seeing him on the Zane Lowe interview. Boy looks exhausted with life.

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I don't really care for him as a star but he's a human being. A bratty human being but still. 

1. He isn't over. He's too big, so let that idea go. 

2. He should have released this album and did A LOT of promo. His self confidence is not there and it shows in his Zane Lowe interview. He needs time to get back in the prime spotlight. 

3. I second the coronavirus excuse and he's lucky to have that because he can push the dates back. I could totally see him doing a Residency in Vegas instead of pushing the dates back....

4. I feel like Justin has primarily been a streaming, video and singles Pop Star. Along with touring and merch he's never been like Taylor or Beyonce  for album sales numbers. I could be wrong. I'm not shocked at the 80% drop. The album was boring. 


that's all folks mic drop GIF by Kehlani


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1 hour ago, David Rose said:

I was considering going and then saw the prices and said **** that. Then I saw promo performances and listened to the album and I said an extra **** that.

Wishing him success though. 

Exactly. The album is terribly bland and he looks a mess. 

The only pop act that’s doing really well right now is the Jonas brothers and it’s because they’re doing everything right, a ton of promo and excellent pop songs. The other acts need to take notes.

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