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Sam Smith is postponing and renaming their album 'To Die For'

Jordan Miller

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1 hour ago, IForgotYouExisted said:

Because of charts. 

With the corona virus around, people won't go or aren't even able to buy the physical release, yes you can stream it but a lot of people are busy taking care of their kids as the schools are closed and with work shutting down, people won't buy albums on iTunes.

It's actually a good idea to delay it...also he can't promote it for a month or two.

I wish Lady Gaga would do this but it seems like Stupid Love and Chromtica will get doomed cause they didn't so anything.

Stupid Love is already out of the top 20 cause of the lack of promo...

Yeah thanks. I suppose it’s not as easy as just dropping an album on streaming and doing nothing although it does work for some artists (see Eminem and Music To Be Murdered By). I do worry about Chromatica, but only time will tell what will happen.

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11 hours ago, Roxxy said:

It's people not having money or will not prioritize spending on music because they're busy hoarding stuff, paying for medical bills, some lost their jobs due to restaurants and other establishments closing, 

And as previously mentioned above, I do believe its the album title too. It sounds ridiculous also not so. But it has happened in the past. Ke$ha's Die Young just hit a new peak of #2 on the Hot 100 but then that school shooting happened and then Die Young crashed on the charts and got blacklisted or whatever. There was sudden backlash when previously there wasn't. Because of the title. A shame really. I wanted it to go #1. :icant2:

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YASSSS Stream Raisin Hell :barbie:

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