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What's a song that you like that no one else really likes or seems to care about?

Jordan Miller

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lemme restrict it to brit because i like a whole lot of music that is obscure or unpopular, plus all the album cuts and hot takes i could talk about of popular artists is excessive lol. i literally racked up 165k minutes listening to music on spotify in 2019....that's a third of the whole *** year



i'm so curious is SO cute and my second or third fav off BOMT. plenty of ppl don't even seem to know it exists bc it was only a b-side in most countries and only on the album in like, korea....also britney was a writer for it! deep in my heart was a beautiful bridge and i feel like it maybe originally was a less dance-y song that was reworked when they changed course on the album direction. let me take you there is one of my fav unreleased brit tracks and no one talks abt it. the demo for you got it all has become one of my fav britney songs, idk why it hits the spot when the Oops! version is boring...

one kiss from you is legit a really cool song...a mid tempo song without a massive soaring chorus, really interesting instrumentation. like what is that...spacey whirring noise thru the song? odd. when your eyes say it is one of her best ballads imo. walk on by is a mf BOP i love it. wish it wasn't tossed out probably in favor of satisfaction 

intimidated smacks. it's so good. i love that song sm. ppl may care about anticipating but EVERYONE should care a whole lot bc its the best track from her third album. let me be is cool, i love the asian instrumentation. i have a big soft spot for when i found you. do people care about before the goodbye? amazing track, slaughters more talked abt songs like what its like to be me tbh (that song has...her vocals really don't sound good on it ya'll)

the answer is amazinggggg i see plenty of love for dont hang up  but the answer is just as good. i cant believe they didnt make the full album. early mornin, do people care abt it? it's so cool, i played  it for my boyfriend a while back and hes not ever been well versed in popular music and he was like "this is a britney spears song? what?" bc its so different for her lol. touch of my hand is well liked but its like, my second fav brit song so i want it to be talked about constantly xoxo. i feel like fans dislike instant deja vu but idk i love it. sippin on is better than 3/4 of ITZ and should've been a single, not a fkn unreleased track. peep show is amazing. i f**kin hate the track guilty and don't get why those three aren't more beloved unreleased tracks than it

the entire chaotic ep, all four tracks are spectacular. the alt unreleased version of over to you now is AMAZING. also, for GH:MP, ive just begun (havin my fun) is probably well liked but its spectacular and should've gotten a video. i want to hear her version of disguise my love, it would easily be one of my favorite britney songs imo. state of grace was a smash

heaven on earth omg paid dust by the fanbase, her best song ever imo. freescha was such an obscure band to collab with but its so amazing. top five songs ever. also, yall i got into freescha's music...their 2007 album has several songs that you clearly hear aspects of in heaven on earth, and one sounds A LOT like heaven on earth, just less glossy and with no vocals. they deadass just condensed the album into a track, got nicole morier to write lyrics for britney, and it was a done deal lol. hot as ice deserves more love. KISS YOU ALL OVER IS EASILY ONE OF HER BEST UNRELEASED TRACKS/TRACKS OVERALL imo i love it so much...crucify me would've been, released along side rebellion (and those supposedly really interesting/experimental tracks Grow, Flown Away, and Love (in the Bahamas) that if real i wanna see)

mmm papi is the number one track i can say for this track. that song is one of my favorite brit songs ever and has been since i first heard it at age 9. i f**king love it, her and nicole morier are an amazing duo. blur deserves all the attention in the world, its so f**king good. rock boy is a spectacular track, and i love rock me in. i h8 shattered glass and i wish one of those two songs replaced it on the main track list

trouble for me is amazing, it sounds almost out of place on FF tbh..it must've been an early track. i adore selfish, its my third fav on the album after how i roll and up n down (which should be talked about more). don't keep me waiting is so good too. can't believe those three didn't get main album listing over f**king drop dead beautiful...pot full of vegetables, i guess. i think red is the color would've been so good, seems like her fans don't like it as much as the other demos that we don't have britney vocals for though? black widow too (i assume it was for britney, myah uses her britney voice in it more than any other song and it sounds very very FF). i should rlly just make a "what non-britney demos do you want to hear her version of the most?"

passenger!!! i wish we had britney vocals for the choruses. i think it would've been an amazing first single in a world where britney jean was full of tracks like passenger, perfume, hold on tight, alien etc (and also full of her own vocals..). so anthemic and cathartic and beautiful.

ooh la la is a bop. it almost sounds like william orbit but electropop? i love that backing track. would've been better than almost all of BJ lol

coupure electrique is my fav glory track and imo is the most britney-esque track in a long time. i have a weird feeling she helped produce it somehow? the list of ppl she worked with on it is full of obscure ppl i cant find a lot of info on...i feel like she did sumn extra there. if im dancing also bops hard, one of her most experimental songs. stream glory xoxo

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20 hours ago, JordanMiller said:

When this song came out I literally played it a hundred times. I also don't care if y'all drag me. :cardi:


omg YES?!? I LOVED that song when it came out!! But weirdly enough, it didn't get people's attention... But what's weirder is that it's produced by BloodPop, who I hate because he WASHES every song he lays his hands on, and I cannot stand that. That's why I'm so worried that he's working with Lady Gaga on her next album, and why "Stupid Love" lacks punch! Ugh... But this song actually was MIXED BY SPIKE STENT! He is, basically, amazing, and that's ultimately why this sounds so good.
(btw, Justin's previous single, "2U", is fantaaaaaastic, but that did get attention back then...)

There are many underrated songs and videos everywhere, but right now what comes to mind is Charli XCX's "2099"... Song and video are AMAZING:

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21 hours ago, JordanMiller said:

When this song came out I literally played it a hundred times. I also don't care if y'all drag me. :cardi:

What's a song that you like that no one else really likes or seems to care about? 



Jordan omg me too. I was gonna say this song. It’s a bop and I don’t get why it didn’t take off

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43 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

I don't know how popular it is within the "fanbase" but I really like Xtina's *********.

Another song I can't believe wasn't a single is Revenge by Pink and Eminem, or I don't know how it's called lol

And Britney's, I must say Now That I Found You or that Lucky remix that sounds super outdated

I must be some kind of *********!  To hurt myself in this WAaaaayyy

Just let me give you one last test, is that a sin? https://soundcloud.com/jacod

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Outrageous- Honestly don’t understand the hate towards this song, I think it’s such a bop, one of my favourites from In The Zone.

Mmm Papi- I understand why people hate this song but I think it’s such a fun and crazy bop, one of my favourites from Circus.

My Baby- I agree, the lyrics are cringe but it’s so cute.

Rock Me In- Don’t understand the hate towards this song, I jam to it 24/7.

Big Fat Bass- I can’t sit still during this song. Such a bop. One of my favourites from Femme Fatale.

If I’m Dancing- Literally one of the best songs off Glory, how can you hate it?

What You Need- Dunno what it is about this song I just really love it.

Jewels N Drugs- Again, I understand wit people hate this one but it’s one of my favourites from ARTPOP.


The Queen- The most underrated song from Gaga’s discography:

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1 hour ago, ItsLiamBitch said:

Rock Me In- Don’t understand the hate towards this song, I jam to it 24/7.

If I’m Dancing- Literally one of the best songs off Glory, how can you hate it?

The Queen- The most underrated song from Gaga’s

I agree with those. Well, The Queen I liked it for like a year or so, just like the rest of Born This Way, which is basically what happens to me with most of Gaga's songs, I like them a lot but grow really bad on me over time.

I think I preferred Bloody Mary though. And from the other album I really liked ARTPOP, Applause and Venus, and I think it was called Fashion ? 

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4 hours ago, Tom01 said:

I love that song! 

Sticking to brit, I'll bring it all the way back to- I Will Be There. f**king love it. 


Oh my co-Easy stan! :hugs:

Everyone cares I Will Be There tho. I think we're all in agreement that it could've been the 4th or even 5th single. But justice for Deep In My Heart. :lolnoworries:

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