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Shawn Mendes pressures Niall Horan to take shots together

Jordan Miller

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Niall Horan was partying with Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello and said Shawn was pushing him to take (Lil Jon voice) shots, shots, shots. 


“I remember like, Shawn kept doing this thing where he’s like, ‘Niall, come on, let’s do a shot!’. I was like ‘Shawn, we just did one five minutes ago’ and he kept doing that. So we ended up doing about 6 or 7 shots in about an hour,” he said. - Source

I'm intrigued :demi:



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I really don't like how the gay community keeps insisting he must be gay. It's disrespectful. This story is a non-story imo. I've had friends and even acquaintances try to convince me to drink more or to do shots, especially if they're already drunk and they don't realize they've already said the same thing like 5 times. It's normal.

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