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Greenday Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong praises Billie Eilish, shades Ariana Grande

Jordan Miller

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4 hours ago, Dirk said:

he's so 90s

it's a new decade and you don't have to shade other singer just to praise your fav.


such a 90s-00's thing to do

be shady and try to come for popular pop artists

like get over the fact that people like pop music and release a good album again :gagaf:

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16 hours ago, OneTrackMind said:

Read the last sentence again *******!! "Unlike Ariana, Billie is the real deal."  How is that not a drag to Ari? Old men need to stfu about female artists! I'm so sick of this ****! They both like each other and they are both different in their styles. 

If you can't tell the difference between a real deal and a manufactured pop star then I can't help you. 

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