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Superbowl Halftime Show ideas


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Since Shakira and J.Lo's Superbowl Halftime Show performance, a few threads have been created here about the topic. I'm sure a discussion like this one has already been done multiple times here on Exhale, but... who cares? :jj:

The title should be pretty self-explanatory, but I'll expand on it: if Britney was ever to do the Halftime Show, what do you think it should look like (setlist, costumes, guests, stage, etc.)?

Here's my idea:


1.        "Oops!... I Did It Again" (Popsonnet intro)
2.        "Oops!... I Did It Again"
3.        "Break The Ice"
4.        "Gimme More"
5.        "Circus"
6.        "Me Against The Music" (w/ Madonna)
7.        "All Nite (Don't Stop)" / "Perfect Lover" / "Dammn Baby" (w/ Janet Jackson)
8.         "Hard To Forget Ya"
9.         "Toxic"

The Halftime Show begins with Britney reciting the Popsonnet version of "Oops!... I Did It Again" while wearing a long white gown:


As soon as she finishes reciting the sonnet, the beat of "Oops!... I Did It Again" begins, Brit removes the skirt from her gown revealing a white bodysuit and performs the song. For "Break The Ice" and "Gimme More", she switches the white bodysuit to a black cocktail dress. For "Circus", she puts on a black with white stripes. From what I remember, Britney once said that she'd never do the Superbowl because she's afraid of performing alone, so for the next 2 songs, she'll perform with Madonna and Janet Jackson. For both songs, she switches her dress for a black pantsuit. Madonna has a white pantsuit, while Janet wears something similar to Britney. I decided to choose "All Nite (Don't Stop)" and "Dammn Baby" as the Janet songs because one is from the album that flopped as a direct consequence of the scandal at the 2004 Superbowl, while the other one is a very fun track from her latest album. Finally, for "Hard To Forget Ya" and "Toxic", she changes into an emerald green bodysuit.


Popsonnet intro

White Silk Elizabethan Gown With 3500 by KatmarenDesigns ...

"Oops!... I Did It Again" (a little bit like this)

Simplee V neck white lace bodysuit women Long sleeve ...

"Break The Ice" / "Gimme More" (similar)

Black Lace Cocktail Dress | Teri Jon

"Circus" (previous outfit + hat)

Black and White Striped Bijou Mini Top Hat by Gypsy Lady ...

"Me Against The Music" / Medley with Janet

Tahari By Asl Petite Pinstripe Toggle front Pantsuit in ...

"Hard To Forget Ya" / "Toxic" (similar)

Britney Spears: Performing for her Piece Of Me Show -08 ...

So, yeah... that's my idea; it's far from perfect (especially the costumes). What are your ideas?

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Act 1:  Toxic / Womanizer / Till The World Ends

*Enters the stage from the sky in the futuristic lift in Break The Ice video. Jumps from the lift like what the PCD did recently. Shes wearing black latex.

Act 2: Oops / Stronger / Baby One More Time

*Black latex outfit has technology that changes color into red to perform Oops! Then she performs stronger with the chair.

Act 3: Everytime

*Plays the piano with a very long train dress

Act 4: Circus / Slave 4 U / Gimme More

*Wearing a revamped version of the circus tour outfit, but its gold & black. Then she remove it revealing a **** outfit performing Slave with a red snake! 

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I made this 2 years ago but I still like it


I would make it an homage to her whole carreer. All of these songs would be shortened. Since its her 20 year anniversary I would make it 20 minutes.


Let her come in through the ceiling very dramatically like Circus Tour and do the Cage as Well.
She is wearing a Ringleader Outfit for Circus and a OHT style Catsuit underneath. Lots of Confetti and a lightshow during Womanizer. The confetti is gold and butterfly shaped as an homage to her Britney era.

Circus - Piece Of Me - Womanizer




Then The Stage Changes and morphs while playing the instrumental Breakdown of My Preogative and turns into her Egyptian FF stage. Britney is still wearing the Catsuit and did a dancebreak on a smaller side stage while the main stage was changing. Lots of fireworks in this section.

Gimme More - Oops I did it Again - Stronger (Similar to the DWAD Remixes)


Once again the Stage changes but to the Instrumental of Work ***** (The Hold your head high part) Britney changes costume and the camera shows beautiful shots of the stage morphing and dancers danging.
It changes into a jungle secion and she is wearing a 2001 VMA inspired outfit.

Boys - Slave - Slumber Party


The Stage morphs again to the instrumental of Break the Ice. While it morphs you can see planes flying over the stadium and doing that thing that they always do but with glow it the dark s--t since its night.


The Stage morphs into a giant airplane set and Britney is wearing a flight attendant outfit.
Toxic - Hold It Against Me



Britney strips off her flight attendant outfit and is wearing a sparkly leotard underneath that looks like diamonds. (It cant be actual diamonds because you would see them through the flight attendant costume)

End It with an homage to this iconic moment. Rain and Baby One More time (New Remix tho)



Every audience member would be wearing these wristbands and they would change colours according to the theme



I think that would be dope



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My Idea:

You hear the intro sounds of the HIAM video where the guy is flipping out cause a comet is about to hit the earth. Along with those screams are fireworks that mimic the effect of a comet. When it hits, we see a huge spotlight towards the sky and Britney comes down with dark angelic sounds as the whole stage beneath her sets on fire. When she arrives to the stage, she takes her cape off and shouts: It's Britney *****! the music immediatly turns to the sirens of Womanizer and the light show starts, the dancers are revealed and she kicks it off from there. Ok I was bored and now I have to get back to work, my manager just came back lol.


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