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Fe (Britney’s ex assistant) shows support for THE ZONE

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9 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:

Fe's quote is soooo defensive. Why wouldn't I do this? Why not? Of course I suck satan's c*ck for money.... Shame on her. Go to hell *****



I actually believe that she agreed to participate when all looked good on paper but soon after all hell broke loose like colon or sth. 

If they were planning some shenanigans, Fe wouldn't be informed, she's small fish :leaving:

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5 hours ago, JordanMiller said:

Super not cool to trash talk Fe for doing this. Not everything is some terrible conspiracy to use Britney and suck her bank account dry. 

Well, it’s also super not cool to be directly involved with the people that are abusing your longtime friend. Maybe you and I have different definitions of friendship but I could never defend nor feel honored to participate in something created by a group of people that have abused Britney in every possible way.

Also, expressing my opinion on something publicly posted is not trash talking. You can read my posts history here, I’ve always defended her...But this leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

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I'm torn. On one hand I'm like... Fe WTF? but on the other hand what she says (instagram quote)  is true. We don't know everything. She might have some sort of valid reason for doing this. 

When I met Fe at the backstage tour of POM she was an absolute doll. She really seemed to care for Britney. I got the impression Fe doesn't have a lot to say when it comes to Britney's team. She might just be a pawn. 

Attacking her is stupid though. Let's focus on gathering information and spreading the word and be thankful to people (like Cher) that do support the movement. 

I don't support The Zone but I do understand why fans go there. Not every fan is completely aware of #FreeBritney. And instead of attacking those people lets just calmly explain what it's all about. 

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I know a lot of you guys don't see it but Fe was ALWAYS a "handler" - we all know it was her idea in sending those Christmas cards at the beginning of Britney's career.  We all know she potentially autographed things for Britney.  With that being said, I think she was protective of Britney in some ways but she helped monetize Britney - she is part of the machine.  She kinda scares me with how well she is at persuading people that she harmless.  Don't underestimate her or hate her, but watch her moves.  

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On 1/31/2020 at 6:54 AM, Britneyarmy8 said:

A fan on twitter literally f**king called her a soulless MONSTER on instagram, and some fans in the comments were saying she looked like a fat man now.


that literally breaks my heart, she is so so sweet, and some britney fans act like  middle schoolers whereas in reality they are aging fat white gays that have no mental stability. 

this is why britney hates us, and if she hears what they called felicia, shes literally gonna hate us so much more

if i was a popstar i would be so sad if i had a fanbase like brits. 

sorry it had to be said :byebitch::byebitch::byebitch:

:( Not surprising. I f**king hate the sticks and stones bullshit phrase. Words hurt and I feel like that phrase was coined by somebody that skated through life without having to deal with hurtful things said to them. Hurt even more if you're already feeling insecure about yourself to begin with. 

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