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That screen shot of the text message is so random. Like Wtf? Like why is that worthy of posting? Is that a conversation between her and Lou?

Honestly this just proves how incompetent  her team is and how integral Britney’s involvement is needed for the business. 

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1 hour ago, Fenixxx123 said:

That piece of trash doesn't even look like the toxic video 

What the **** are they doing

This room has bothered me since the beginning. Even when Jordan posted screencaps of renderings. This room just doesn't look anything like the Toxic video. The plane's lighting was distinctly yellow and everything was bleak EXCEPT Britney. It was the whole point. She was the focus. Everything is not only white, bright, and pink in this room but the designs look extremely amateur (those B designs are NOT it). I  do like the Blackout sections (what I've seen) and the MATM wooden board room.

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I’m genuinely embarrassed have you looked at all the merch... then looked at Britney’s merch on her store...? It’s all the same except they’ve changed the name of the song on the rainbow one and changed who is it to ‘britney’ honestly wtf just give up  give Britney up, give her her life back & give us Britney the f**king legend back  


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Im so f**king sick of seeing this **** everywhere. They are spending idk how much of Britneys money to make this mess work. And sadly the instagram has been gaining a lot of followers lately. I just hope itd blew up on their f**king faces. At least why couldnt they make all this effort when it came to her music instead? When make me came out, there werent influencers promoting ****. They could have made what Justin Bieber did with that song where even Britney promoted it but no, they only care when its not music related. They only care about her legacy that they are destroying little by little. Her artistry can f**king shock right 

Im so pissed off with this whole zone mess bc its such a money grab from them but also bc they are so desperate that now they are really trying to make it work and be popular when they have been giving a **** about her artistry for more than 10 years already. Im done with this ****. People you should report on instagram bc this is a f**king spam mess and we arent here for this f**kery 

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