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Britney previews the 'Blackout' room at 'The Zone'

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I do like the church theme, as it's obviously a nod to the album artwork and possibly those rumoured cut scenes from the GM vid.

However, I think it should have a gritty, club feel to it too with the GM pole, a window which has a paparazzi flashing effect, maybe even a nod to the BTI anime artwork somewhere. The Circus one better have a memorial to the Radar horse. :wontcry:

I'm giving these suggestions but I honestly have no idea what this ITZ experience thing is :orangu: like I thought at first it was a room to celebrate the album ITZ? Now there's a Blackout room too? Are there gonna be other rooms for different albums then? And are the rooms suppose to celebrate JUST the album or the era?

I'd pay more attention if we weren't focusing on more important issues rn :pensiveney: but ngl the Blackout thing got me kinda hooked for a hot second :airpls:

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Ok it looks cool?  I guess?

It’s just a room made to look like a church.  I thought there would be actual props...from the GM or POM videos, set pieces from the Blackout album shoot...something to make 60 dollars worth it.  I mean it’s cool considering we worship Blackout (except those tacky neon flower lights)...I just expected there to be more actual Britney stuff in it.

Doesn’t really matter...this sis ain’t giving those ***** any money.

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