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Justin Bieber’s New Album Is Reportedly Titled ‘Changes,’ Says It’s “Not Pop”

Jordan Miller

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Justin Bieber is releasing a new album, and according to a report from Variety, it’s titled Changes. It’s worth mentioning they updated their article since and removed the album title. There’s buzz the record drops in March.

Despite his best efforts (and begging), the lead single, “Yummy,” debuted at #2 on the Hot 100.

At an album preview party, Bieber broke down into tears as he reflected on the changes he’s endured growing up in the spotlight.

 “I don’t even think I should be alive never mind thrive,” he told the crowd.  “There’s power in weakness.” He says his new record is “a reflection of that … thank you for loving me at my worst.”

Bieber clarified that the forthcoming album is “not pop,” rather R&B.

Longtime and frequent collaborator, Poo Bear, is the mastermind behind the new tunes. He worked on 2014’s Journals and most of Purpose. Journals is a shiny gem on Bieber’s discography – it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. If the new album sounds anything like that we’re in for a treat.

The record also reportedly features collaborations with Post Malone, Travis Scott and Kehlani.

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