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'Femme Fatale' on vinyl is coming

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You guys need to realize that not buying this vinyl won’t change the freedom of Britney or how much money goes in her team’s pocket. 


Those deals with Elizabeth Arden or Urban Outfitters bring Britney’s team as much money if she sells 15 copies or 50,000. It’s a contrat to use the Britney brand and her image and their is a fixed price for a global deal most of the time in these contracts... 


So just enjoy Britney’s work ! Thinking you will support Britney freedom by not buying a vinyl doesn’t make any sense... 


Well at least it’s my opinion based on true facts. 

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11 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

Do you guys suppose they’ll ever release her Greatest Hits on vinyl? Like a **** amazing double vinyl gatefold set. Damn, that’s the dream. :wontcry:

It would honestly look so good. By the way I’m kinda curious, would someone buy the BJ one?

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11 hours ago, ubritney said:

Yay! Do we have a release date yet? Also, do you think they will do Britney Jean too or not? Since it was her first album under RCA (I may be wrong, sorry, I keep forgetting these details). It's not that I care for it but it would suck to have all the albums but this one.

If Femme Fatale doesn't flop, we'll probably get a Britney Jean release as well. It doesn't matter that it's on RCA. All these old Britney albums are now owned by RCA once Jive closed anyway.

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