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Juno Lynn posts picture of her daughter with Jayden at Britneys home


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2 minutes ago, puppylo16 said:

So JL was at Britney’s house? So does that mean her sons does visit her or is this months ago and Britney is in some cell somewhere in Lou Loo land?

I think her girl has that hair rn. Also on the paparazzi pictures from some weeks ago Jayden had that hair. I think its recent. Juno Lynn has been quite quiet on Instagram the past few days, maybe its she is doing smt in LA, unlike the boring life she seems to have in Louisiana.

I think the boys visit her, but they probably spend way more time with Kevin and sleep at his place 


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12 minutes ago, dran said:

Are Britney's visits with her song still supervised? It was once supervised by Jamie but then ... since there's that restraining order, has Jamie Lynn taken over?

Probably bc she doesnt have custody of herself. Its probably Robin, Jodi, Lou or anyone Jamie trusts 


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14 hours ago, Lorenzo said:

Could it be that despite this conservatorship mess, Britney is still somehow on good terms with Juno and Jamie? Kinda like Rihanna, who was suing her dad but she was still on good terms with him? Even visiting him etc..

Why would she hate her sister? All that hate is only created here in exhale where everything NEEDS to be a problem and full of drama. Jamie Lynn is wise to just saty on good terms with everybody., 

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