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John Bel Edwards(friend of Lynne Spears) won election!

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15 minutes ago, falka said:

:cackling: If Kim K can't help, this dude can go fishing at best

Well it's said he helped Lynne to get a lawyer to fight conservatorship so obviously this news is great for us, for Lynne and for Britney! Such a powerful man behind the fight to finish conservatorship! And Lynne is as well a friend of his wife! 

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According to our sources, Lynne, who is best friends with the wife of Louisiana's Governor, got the help of the Governor's family to find a lawyer ... it is unclear if the lawyer who is now representing Lynne was the one recommended. But, it looks like Lynne believes some of the stories she's read and is now angling for a voice in her daughter's treatment.

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