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SO ANGRY!! Selena's New Bop Should've Been Britney's!

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32 minutes ago, OneTrackMind said:

Selena Gomez can thank Disney and Justin's c*ck for her career. I have never seen a more blant pop girl (aside from Taylor Swift). She WHISPERS into the mic, she can't dance (those stiff movements are painful to watch, girl I thought you are latina??), has 0 perfomance skills or a f**king personality. 

Imagine being named after Selena Quintanilla-Pérez and NOT be able to dance. GIRL!

No matter how low Britney's perfomances are, she is still better than most of today's popgirls and this is just SAD. These girls have no energy, no drive, no charisma it's embarassing!! 

The problem is that the GP seems to prefer those bland pop girls with no charisma or stage presence because they’re “relatable” and they’re not “like the other girls” . I mean look at Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa.... I mean in what world should basic Camila Cabello be more successful than someone like Normani, a talented pop star with actual stage presence?

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7 hours ago, Urbanney said:

Why is it that whenever an artist or song becomes successful, you guys always want Britney to work with them or wish it was her song? This song has no ties or meaning to Britney at all. Britney should be striving to create something meaningful and creative to her, not just hopping on whatever is popular or trying to use someone else’s success to be successful. 

This is not a personal attack against you OP. I’m just very annoyed that every time there is a new successful song or artist, someone has to come to Exhale and say how it should’ve been Britney instead or how Britney should work with them. 

I feel the same, it annoys the hell out of me too.

Im pretty sure that was Larry doing that all these years.

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10 hours ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:

BLACKPINK released the best pop song of the year with "KILL THIS LOVE" - GREAT production, stunning MV, simple but effective choreo, deep lyrics but easy to sing live as the chorus would all be backing track. 



And klll this love is kinda britneyish




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Saw her new videos . You're most wrong ( sorry to say) . Because her new song was the same ol IM A WOMAN AND IM INDEPENDANT AND I HATE MEN AND LOOK AT MY EDGY DANCING ....song and not even the melody is catchy . 

I don't know , that's how i feel. Her past work was alot more concrete and relevant in my opinion. 

Britney needs to ( if she decides to even make an album) ....just bring great pop songs back. 

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13 hours ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:

Selena Gomez just released the best pop song of the year with "Look At Her Now" - great minimal production, stunning MV, simple but effective choreo, deep lyrics but easy to sing live as the chorus would all be backing track AND... AND to make it even worse - Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels wrote it so it literally could've been Britney's. It could've been on her 10th studio album if Glory had a follow up in the usual 2/3 year cycle. 


I don't blame Britney. I blame Team Spears for imprisoning her in a financial web and ruining her life and career. 


But Selena stans are lucky. Hands To Myself, Kill 'Em With Kindness are also stunning songs which should've been Britney's. I can just imagine Brit's deep live voice nailing the latter. 





Wtf this song is not even catchy

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No way! Britney should always set trends, not follow them. Also, Britney always has enough hit makers working with her and for her so I don’t think she has any worries when it comes to having great songs to choose from when she decides to return to music. Just calm down now. Let others do their thing. There’s only one Britney. 

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