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One Amazing Producer or Multiple for B10

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    Having will.i.am producing all of the BJ album was a poor management or musical move. No shade will, you're amazing. But I mean, yeah the Scream & Shout was a hit but it wasn't a breakthrough in pop. It was just a huge club hit, pretty generic and they said OH Let's do a whole album! 

    I would understand if they decided to have a full bloodshy & avant produced album because Toxic was a experimental breakthrough in pop. 

    I think an album entirely Max Martin produced would be lit or a mix of producers as long as it flows. WBU?

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    I think collaboration is always good, especially in music. Things that you may not think would work, can work when creative minds get together. 

    So my vote is for multiple producers and, as mentioned above, ones that are fans of her work and/or vocal style to really create a vibe that sits well among the other sounds we’ve seen Britney explore. 

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    Honestly I’d be happy with one Amazing producer and a team of close writers for her next album. I hope she makes another album she really cares about like she did with Glory. 

    e.g producer Max Martin, writers Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. Or Justin Tranter producing and Julia and Max writing with her 

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    1 hour ago, rik said:

    bloodshy and avant apparently do not work together anymore, although i am sure they'd reunite for britney 

    i would say the neptunes but the last time she worked with them on something commercially successful was almost 2 decades ago so...idk 

    would love to see her work with musicians she's genuinely interested in... and we have to accept that britney's usual answers like 'katy perry' and **** are not genuine. she's very clearly into janet, sting, paula cole (Feelin Love), etc

    she has amazing taste in music and should be in charge of the sound of her next record

    but ya multiple producers is the way to go

    I mean Bloodshy is just as good on his own, I mean How I Roll and Trip to your heart which has that unique sound they are famous for. Honestly Britney has always been eclectic and about variety so I doubt she can ever commit to just one though she did talked about doing an album with the challenge of working with just one producer and I think she was considering having Bloodshy and Avant to do an entire album. Which I don’t mind or William Orbit, he’s so versatile and they always make magic together even if her team doesn’t appreciate it.

    All I care about is that it’s curated by Britney because as long as she’s EP and dictating what goes in and goes out, that’s all I care because she always has good musical instincts.

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    5 hours ago, Dirk said:

    I just hope we have like 4 singles, we need like a Britney era for this decade.

    I don’t think that’s possible considering that we are in the streaming era and since music isn’t profitable anymore record labels don’t want to invest in singles and music videos. I just hope she releases two singles before the album release and another one when the album is released, just like Taylor and Ariana did. We can still get more than two singles but it won’t be a thought out era 

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    Multiple producers are fine and normal, but the executive producer is most important for providing direction.

    Her older albums like BOMT, OIDA, ITZ, Britney and Blackout all felt like a story and had a same vibe. Her albums after that (while still great, minus BJ), felt like a bunch of different tracks on one album. That's not a bad thing, but I do feel like an album/era feels more iconic when everything kind of flows together with a theme/style.

    I think the most important thing is giving Britney more creative control. An artist usually won't feel passionate about their music unless they have a say, and we know that Britney loves rock, country, and urban music, and experimenting. So I would love if they did what SHE wanted or at least an experimental fusion. She's at state in her career where she doesn't need popularity anymore, if the C-Ship ends, she could start an Independent Label and do whatever style she loves.

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    On 10/24/2019 at 8:12 AM, Lorenzo said:

    I’m fine with whatever producer she decides to work with for her next album as long as she stays away from Will.I.Am and Max Martin 

    Why not Max Martin? Did I miss something? 

    I was happy for Tranter + Danja tbh... PLUS Pharrell !

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    1 hour ago, sibode said:

    Why not Max Martin? Did I miss something? 

    Because Britney’s next album needs to be something special, it needs to be an album that she wants to release and is passionate about. Considering that she has been trying to avoid Max Martin for almost 20 years I doubt she would be interested in working with him again

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    15 hours ago, Lorenzo said:

    Because Britney’s next album needs to be something special, it needs to be an album that she wants to release and is passionate about. Considering that she has been trying to avoid Max Martin for almost 20 years I doubt she would be interested in working with him again

    I hear you but Max Martin can be very diverse with his sounds. Plus he's a pop producing genius. 

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