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Jamie Lynn praises Lou

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4 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

The only way this makes sense is either:  1. JL is brainwashed or 2. Someone higher in the industry had something against Britney and Jamie and Lou put her in a conservatorship to protect her from them 

#2 doesn’t even make sense wtf

It’s the first option without a doubt. Jamie is brainwashed and stupid.

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I probably shouldn't comment since I acknowledged on other posts that I don't know basically anything about Jamie Lynn. I feel like giving her the benefit of a doubt about **** like this. People are slick, man. You come across the "right" kind of wrong person, they'll shovel enough bullshit your way and have you believing anything. And I hate talking like this but this is just the way it is....you HAVE to keep your guard up, you have to have a good bullshit detector in this day and time. If you're naive and trusting, you're gonna have a rough time of it. Been going through something with my mom and she's bitching about being stupid for being conned by somebody she thought she could trust. I correct her every single time because she's not stupid. There's a lot of difference between being stupid versus being too naive and trusting.


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these magazine awards are the type people buy for publicity... it’s the only way magazines make money in the digital era.

also going by all the recent glassdoor/indeed reviews of the co there is still major damage control being done.

if JL could address and explain everything we know is converse to reality... but she won’t. We know Lou’s management tried to make her go her into mercy ministries when she was first pregnant, is that really such an amazing person?

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