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New IG post- Britney tells us what she did in Maui

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6 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

Has Britney temporarily moved to Hawaii or is this an old post? Part of me thinks the whole MIA thing is because she's like ''if I can't be with my kids, I sure as hell aint gonna be with my controlling father in a state where I have no rights; Hawaii five-hell-no.''

This is an interesting theory :decisions: maybe she has a home there?

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This text reminded me a lot her old letters that she used to post on her website britney.com back in 2005/06. The same writing.. she telling little things that happened in her life.. it’s great to see that she’s trying to establish a connection with us, fans, again. I’m happy to know that she’s enjoying some time for herself.

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Not since she's been in the conservatorship but when she would make entries on her website she was kind of random. It's not odd for her I see it as a journal for herself that we just happen to be able to see.

34 minutes ago, PZHSB said:

Has she always rambled like this?


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Omg that pic is HAWT!

That caption tho..... *mindblown* LOL
I don't know why I feel like there's some subliminal messages in there.  How the heck can you fit 7 hours of footage on a phone? Not even DLSR cameras can handle that much even on a high storage SD card lol.  Maybe she meant she had 3 videos and 7 pics taken during those 7 hours? (which I also found strange how she specifically stated the quantity lol).  Love her cute little rambles.

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2 hours ago, IconicShow said:

Everything is so strange I was just on Twitter reading the FreeBritney latest posts and some people were saying watch a post come soon with Britney. It's odd that she lost all this alleged footage and there were no fan sightings of her.


Actually yeah. And why would she mention all that about losing media from her phone? Like there's a guilty feeling and they have to explain why she was just MIA for a while. 

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