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Dr. Drew praises Britney's conservatorship

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This f**kery never ends. Im not saying everything is perfectly fine with her mentally but what has she done that was so bad that she needs to be treated like a child and abused with no ending at sight? She shaved her head, flashed her ******, attacked a car with an umbrella almost 13 years ago and locked herself with Jayden in the bathroom refusing to return her kids to Kfed. She didnt have an overdose or was drugging her kids. She never hurt them. She never assaulted, murdered or ***** anyone. She didnt steal anyone. she was never in jail or was caught driving drunk or high. She never even pushed a paparazzo. Where are the cships for the likes of Chris Brown, Hervey Weinstein, Oj or Matt Lauer? Justin Bieber was acting erratic a couple of years ago. Is he under a cship? Why Britney is the one celeb who needs It? Its not like Hollywood people are all fine and living by the rules

Why everyone pretends everyone else can have issues with mental health, even the ones who talk about, and live normally but Britney is the only one who is Crazy enough to not run her life, affairs and career? 2007 was 12 years ago, move the **** on

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LOL he legit lists out the exact way they got control of her is what he lists here, which we have seen in the paperwork that has leaked.


Her Dad falsified a diagnosis of Dementia, to work around California law, to gain control over her and to get her held longer while he put the conservatorship in place....looks like he used a VERY common way to gain control. He totally bought that diagnosis, with Britney's own money while he had her under the hold. 


I also love the idea of a girl shaving her head being the same thing as him getting a face tattoo.  

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